December 12, 2017

Homemade Greener Kitchen Cleaners

You don’t have to spend extra money on organic, all-natural cleaning products to replace  traditional, chemical-laden ones.  There are several ways to make your own kitchen cleaners using simple products you probably already have in your home.

  • To clean kitchen surfaces including stovetop, counters, tabletops and chairs,  inside of refrigerator, cabinet doors, sink, and more, make this simple recipe using vinegar and water:  All-Purpose Kitchen Spray.
  • For scrubbing kitchen sinks to a sparkling shine, first spray with vinegar spray, then sprinkle with plenty of baking soda.  Scrub sink, spraying with a bit more vinegar spray occasionally, then rinse.  For tougher stains, form bubbly paste with vinegar and baking soda and allow to sit for a while before scrubbing.  This is also a good recipe for stinky garbage disposals.

Click these links to see other great ways to make your own frugal, natural and greener cleaners:

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  1. Brandy, thanks for the links! A couple of recipes I haven’t come across before like the Clorox wipes.
    Here is a more natural all-purpose cleaner I have just discovered and *love* –
    Makes everything sparkle! 😉

  2. Brandy! Thank you for sharing my Dish Soap recipe:)

  3. SO GLAD to see a softscrub copy cat! I’m trying to let all my products run out so I can replace them with new ones and this one was worrying me! Thanks!

  4. My husband has a super sensitive nose and dislikes vinegar too, so I add geranium essential oil to my vinegar/water all-purpose spray. I recently ran across a method of making a concentrated citrus-powered vinegar by soaking lemon/orange peels in a jar of vinegar for several weeks ( I’m collecting orange peels in a jar right now. 🙂


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