December 12, 2017

Happy New Year! {And Looking Ahead to Intentional Health!}

Hello, friends!  And Happy New Year! It’s 2016!!

I can’t say 2015 flew by.  It was packed with activity, boys growing up, a baby being born, a health scare and then continued health improvement for me.  And don’t forget the lessons learned.  If we’re careful, we learn in joyful, easy times, but those lessons feel a little more real in the difficulty, don’t they?  Malachi’s birth came with a message:  God is faithful.  Little did I know that that message would be reiterated time after time this past year.  But HE IS.  God has been faithful.  He hasn’t asked me to figure anything out.  He has only asked that I trust Him.  For people who are Type A or like to feel a little more planned and in control of their lives, that’s a harder thing for them.  And He is trustworthy.  He is faithful.

I am not a huge fan of following trends for the sake of trendiness, and thus I don’t care a lot to try and have a “word” for the year just because the calendar page says January.  However, towards the end of 2015, we started realizing that our family has been in a series of “stretching” for some time now.  As in, stretching before practice, before a work-out, or stretching before a big game.  We saw what was coming for this year – a LOT of (good) work, and we realized our season is about to change.  In fact, it happens to coincide with a new calendar year.

Intentional Health in 2016 |

God has shown us that the only way to accomplish these goals and dreams for the year is with intentionality and health.

We can’t do any of it without Him, obviously, but we will have to be INTENTIONAL with our time, energy, and resources to accomplish our goals.

And we will have to be good stewards of our HEALTH.  Physical health – food and exercise. Healthy relationships with HIM and family.  And more.  Intentional healthy finances, intentional family fun time, more date nights, recruiting help when necessary – all those good things that help any size family stay balanced.

I know that is a lot of personal information and you may be wondering what that means to YOU and what that means for this blog.  Well, it means my theme for life, and thus this blog, for the year is intentional health.  It means my focus this year will be on every facet of intentional health that we can possibly address.  Including things like the emotional recovery from c-section birth.  I never knew such a thing could be my focus until I found myself wondering why I couldn’t “simply accept” and move on.  I’m going to be talking about that more.  It’s a big deal.  I’m going to be intentionally focused on sharing health.  My greatest desire with this blog has always been and still is to encourage and equip mothers to run the race of motherhood well! My goals are to spruce things up a bit, and ramp up the number of times I’m sharing.  I am hoping for several weekly posts (and as a side note, to also get my food blog up and running that I have been working on for years.)

What you do is important.  Word for the year or not, decide today to make it a better year than last year.

Less guilt.  Less mommy-wars.  Less victim-thinking when you walk into the laundry room.  (You thought I didn’t do that?) Less doing it all yourself.

More positive thinking.  More of realizing that you’re doing your best for your kiddos (which might look different to the way your neighbor does it). More seeing the blessing than the difficulty.  More asking for help and delegating to get things done.

Because HEALTH.

You’re important.  You’re created for magnificent work.  We get one shot.  Let’s be intentionally healthy this year and make it count!

Blessings to you and yours as we continue on this journey together.


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