December 15, 2017

Ham and Beans

There are two very simple ways to prepare ham and beans with your leftover, holiday ham. Both are one-pot recipes, and the only difference between the two versions is that one requires you to be home while they slow-simmer, and the other doesn’t.

To make a huge pot of ham and beans that will feed a LOT of people, or a few people two meals, I cook about 8-10 cups of beans with about 5 cups or so of chopped ham, covered in water, adding just a bit of salt and pepper.

For the stove top, I slow-simmer for four or five hours, stirring occasionally.

In the crock pot, I set it on medium/high (or the 6 hour setting for mine) and stir if and when I’m available. (If cooking longer, adjust heat to lower setting, and if you need to cook them a bit faster, use a higher heat setting.)

For either method, I usually try to soak our beans overnight (and I use whatever beans I am in the mood for, either pinto or navy or great northern).  If I forget to soak them, I use the quick soak method, boiling them for 2 minutes, then leaving in water for a couple of hours.

My favorite way to serve ham and beans is over brown rice.

Simple. Delicious. Comfort food.


  1. Yum! I will be using this recipe in the near future to help use up some leftover Easter ham. A more sentimental reason is that it reminds me of what my Grandmother would fix for all of the family with a side of cornbread. Maybe the memories will continue on to the next generation.

    Thanks for the reminder and the memory. 🙂

  2. Add some organic chicken broth and it will be soup! So yummy!

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