November 19, 2017

Green Plants for Indoors

I’ve always loved indoor plants.  I think they are beautiful.  They add a vibrant splash of lively color to any room.  They help cleanse the air inside our homes.  And sometimes, you can even use them for simple home remedies.

Aloe vera

Like the aloe vera plant!

I grew up with this plant in our home, and any time I had a sunburn, bugbite, or other skin irritation, my mom or dad simply cut  a piece from the plant, and squeezed the contents onto the affected area.

Nature’s perfect medicine, this nutrient-dense stuff is loaded with antibiotic, astringent and coagulating agents, which work together to help the skin heal quickly.

Tips for Using Aloe Vera

  • Keep an aloe vera plant growing in your home.
  • Use aloe vera in its pure form – straight from the plant.
  • Cut from a thicker stem, close to the base of the plant to obtain a piece with sufficient gel.
  • You only need about a two inch section.
  • Once cut from the plant, slice open the side to remove gel.
  • Apply gel to affected areas for minor skin wounds including:  sunburn, insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes.

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