November 20, 2017

Getting Ready for Our 9th Baby Boy’s Arrival!

It’s getting real here, y’all!

Last week, we worked super hard going through all the boxes we had stored in the baby’s room when we first moved in this house.  Can I just take one second and recommend you don’t keep every single card and letter from everyone who ever sent you one for your entire life?  There.  I feel better.

Seriously, though.  I purged a TON of stuff and it felt great.  I am not completely done with that project, but have every intention to have the room completely clutter-free AND clean AND set up this week!  Because like I said, it’s getting real.

Yesterday, we bought the baby’s new “green” mattress, a stroller/carseat combo, new baby gowns and socks, and some comfy outfits and diapers for once he’s born.

Today I ordered our home birth kit and my very own birth pool.  I have always borrowed one in the past, but that wasn’t an option this time.  Since I cannot imagine going through labor at home without a deep birth pool, I felt it was worth it to spend the money on one.  Maybe I can pass it on to another mom who needs it later.

I think it’s funny how as a first time mom so many years ago, I felt I needed so many things, and this time around, I am completely content knowing I have a few diapers, clean blankets and hats, some socks and a gown for my new little guy.  Pacifiers?  Nope.  Bottles?  Not unless I am forced to be separated from my baby at birth.  Boppy?  For what?  Swing?  Hmm.. Maybe later down the road, but he’ll be in my arms for most of the time for a couple months.  So I question whether I even need a conventional diaper bag since I don’t feel like there are a lot of necessities to carry around with me.  Besides the diapers, of course, which could fit in my purse.

Anyway, stuff or no stuff, he will be here before we know it.  Any day now, really.  While I’m not anticipating a super early arrival (like this week), I do hope he comes in the next week or the next since we are trying to avoid a shoulder dystocia birth like Lincoln’s was.

I’m hoping to share later this week about:

  • the carseat/stroller combo I chose
  • the essential oils I am using to prepare for labor and birth
  • the freezer meals I will be preparing for once the baby arrives
  • the essential oils I will have handy for labor and after the birth

I’m excited!  Bring on my ninth baby boy!


  1. I agree that a baby doesn’t need much! Since my first son was adopted, we had a baby shower after he was born and we knew he was ours. For the first three weeks of his life, we borrowed what we needed, and I still only registered for basics (we had a small house at the time). Now we are actually pregnant, due in March, and the only “thing” we need is a double stroller. Looking forward to your posts on the essential oils you’ll be using!

  2. I am really interested in what green mattress you picked out. I want one for my next baby, but don’t know anything about choosing one. Thanks!

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