November 18, 2017

GameStop Gift Card Giveaway!


Recently I was invited to GameStop to learn more about what’s going on in the video game world, parental controls that are available, and how families can spend more time playing games together using certain systems. (Ever played Fruit Ninja with your kids?  Hilarious!)  And as a mom of eight boys who play a few video games here and there, I jumped at the opportunity!

I’m so glad I went because I got to meet a few other really neat Dallas mom bloggers like Staci from 7OnaShoestring, Jami from Roubinek Reality.  We ate lunch together while listening to some really great ideas by Techlicious and the good folks at GameStop, too.  Then we toured a store where they showed us the different sections where many games and accessories can be traded in and then discounted for resale, making this a great place to buy AND sell used gaming systems and games.  And with technology changing as rapidly as it does, this is a wonderful option.

Good news for you?  GameStop is giving away a $50 giftcard to one of you readers!  Enter to win using the Rafflecopter box below.  Some entries may be earned daily.

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What are some of your favorite family video games?


  1. We don’t have a ton of games but the Just Dance series is a favorite with everyone here.

  2. This gift card would make a great present.

  3. Just Dance is a fun way to sneak in a workout while having fun.

  4. Yup! We enjoy video games here. We love a whole range of games – from tactical ones to dress up games LOL.

  5. We love the Lego games!

  6. The gift card would be awesome with 7 kids 🙂

  7. Jennifer F. says:

    This would be an awesome prize for me to use on my kids!

  8. My son plays a few truck games on the ipad but hasn’t quite gotten into video games


  9. We love GameStop! My 3 boys would love a new DS game.

  10. My girls love the just dance series!

  11. My kids don’t play video games at all, unless Daddy or an aunt or uncle has a game on their cell phone which they share with the kids. But I would let them play games on the PC, with time limits, if we had some appropriate games.

  12. My two oldest are just now getting into Mario games.

  13. My son would love a gift card to GameStop! We have a wide variety of games from Michael Jackson Dance to Skylanders to sports. Granted for as many as we have there is still a time limit on playing and definitely not on school days!

  14. All of my grandkids play video games. My grandson plays the Madden games.

  15. All of the grandkids play some type of video games. My grandson plays the Madden 25 game I bought him.

  16. Our favorites are Just Dance… Shooting moving targets with nerf guns and definitely Fruit Ninjas…:)
    It keeps me connected to things the boys like. It keeps me going with conversation and they really like to know their parents are into some of the things they like.

  17. Alicia in Lucas says:

    The boys play video games – COD to football on both the PS3 and gameboy. Merry Christmas Brandy and boys!

  18. Yes, my son likes Super Mario Bros

  19. Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  20. My son loves all disney video games

  21. We love fruit ninja

  22. My oldest loves to play the LEGO games with my husband. We also really like Toy Story Mania on the Wii!

  23. As a mom of 6 we love game-stop and they know us by name. What I like is my son is autistic and they are always super nice to us. We love the family game night and nascar unleashed. I have older boys that like the call of duty and such they are only allowed after the baby boys have went to bed. I am learning about ninetendo ds make an account where you can link the games. I was on the phone with ninetendo this morning helping me,. Merry Christmas

  24. We love to play games like fruit ninja and racing games

  25. We use Game Stop for Wii games.

  26. Thanks! I only have preschoolers so they love educational games especially the ones with Dora. 🙂

  27. Tabitha P. says:

    The only games my daughter plays is the Lego games.
    We need the new Marvel Lego game.

  28. My kids love Disney infinity, Disney universe, and just discovered wii ski.

  29. yes, Mario

  30. Ironically when scrolling down to add my comment one of the ads was for a computer game “Loot the Booty” which apparently is banned in 12 countries, contains a pornographic picture and says once you start playing your friends won’t be seeing much of you…This is precisely what worries us about letting our children into the world of video gaming honestly. Our oldest is an 8 year old girl, so while she likes to get onto or watch a cousin play Mario on Wii, she hasn’t had as much interest. Our 6 year old son on the other hand, boy has he been hoping Santa will bring him a Wii for Christmas this year! He mostly plays on the computer –, angry birds thanks to cousins and friends:) and a few lego and mario games, all monitored by us:). We have K-9 web protection in hopes to mitigate bad pop ups and ads, which helps in some cases but not all. I wish the internet wasn’t just so open to letting the filth in to young children’s mind. Because it can be so useful! My son’s friends play minecraft and mario kart it seems as he knows all about them even though we don’t own a gaming system yet. We are still on the fence. He already would spend all day in front of the computer if we let him. I was initially interested in the active games that get the kids moving, but another mom told me initially it worked but now they’re moved to the stationary Mario type games…So we are still on the fence. And frankly quite appalled at most of the games target at youth these days! And we wonder why we have violence issues…But that is another topic…

  31. Stephanie Ann says:

    yes they do! they love the lego star wars games

  32. Mario games are most popular around here, along with Lego games, and Donkey Kong.

  33. We all love to play Wii games at my house, especially the Just Dance games

  34. My fiance loves the Call of Duty games.

  35. My kids have the Batman games plus my older son plays the Call of Duty and some others. I still love the classics like Sonic and Mario!

  36. My kids are a bit young to play by themselves. They usually pretend to play with an extra controller while Daddy is playing. They really enjoyed watching/helping him play Kingdom Hearts because of all the Disney characters. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Allison Downes says:

    Yes they love the Mario games. Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. My youngest son has a Nintendo DS and loves to play Star Wars and other action games.

  39. We play a lot of Mario Party as a family.

  40. We love the classic Wii Sports game to play as a family. Nothing like trying to bowl against your child who can flick their wrist and make strike after strike, while you try to use proper technique and hit the gutter. 😉 Individually the kids like anything Lego or Mario related. Wii Music was also a big hit.

  41. Paula Kittle says:

    This would come in so handy for gifts this year!

  42. Mario Kart is a family favorite!

  43. Brittany Whitley says:

    I don’t have children but I play video games!
    My favorites are all things Little Big Planet for PS3
    Katamari Damacy for PS3
    the Kingdom Hearts games
    I’ve also been playing WOW for 9 years 🙂

  44. My son is really into video games. This would be awesome!

  45. They don’t play a lot now but getting a Wii for Christmas so I’m sure that is about to change!

  46. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    My boys play Legend of Zelda games.

  47. Yes they like the XBox games like Cars 2 and Sonic.

  48. no kids, but i have a friend who is a game fiend

  49. Chris Vonhahn says:

    How do I get a free gift card?

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