November 18, 2017

Fruit Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

By Contributing Writer, Debra Worth

I have never liked dressed fruit salad until I had it at a friend’s house made with sour cream. I thought she was crazy, until I tried it. The creamy tanginess of sour cream went perfectly with the fruit and did not cover up the natural sweetness like cool whip fruit salads.

I decided I did like dressed salads just not with cool whip. It was nice to know since up until then I had never dressed my fruit salads, but as much as I love fresh fruit sometimes I want a little more of a cohesive dish.

A few years later when I saw this yummy sounding Honey Lime Dressing on Creative Christian Mama’s site. I decided to combine the two ideas– and LOVED it.

It is perfect for a healthy dessert, a side dish to take to a picnic, or even just as part of a yummy breakfast.

The recipe below is just the basic version. I change it up every time really.  In the strawberry one pictured above I used more honey then usual and did half whipped cream/half sour cream, used candied nuts instead of just regular nuts/granola, and added vanilla to the dressing for a delicious dessert.

Do you have a favorite fruit salad recipe?

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