November 18, 2017

Fruit Dip

Hayden really cracks me up sometimes how much he loves certain foods.  This is one of his favorite holiday foods.

We discovered this easy recipe last year and he hasn’t let me forget that it’s on our menu for this year.

So easy, and such a yummy treat!

Make a fruit tray or your favorite fruit salad and place this dip nearby.





  1. My mom makes this recipe and it is addicting! Although I love it, I came up with my own version using Greek yogurt instead of marshmallow creme. Just one more way to get the boys to eat healthier.

    I hope your family has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving Day!

  2. Yum! My MIL makes this with berries in the Summer. It is sooo addicting! Toonie Moonie makes a fantastic organic marshmallow cream. It even comes in other flavors!

  3. Yum! My mom makes something similar. She add’s one cup of powdered sugar, and then she folds in a container of cool whip.

    It’s amazing!!! 🙂

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