November 18, 2017

First Week of School

Dear Homeschool Diary of a Sleep-Deprived Mother of Seven Boys,

This week we started our new “school year”.  Complete with new books and software, play-doh and markers, we had all the essentials lined up to make it a successful year.  Undaunted, Tuesday morning, I woke up, hit the ground running, and set out to teach my 7th grader some pre-algebra, my 4th grader a little something about constellations, my 2nd grader about Hill Country, my Kindergartener about communities, and my preschoolers some colors and numbers.  We started out with prayer and a lesson from the book called Proverbs People.  We discussed slothfulness vs. diligence and talked about how an ant is rewarded for his diligence, when after long months of arduous work, he had plenty stored up for the winter.  Yep, I’m a saint.  I can teach six boys at one time, 89 subjects, teach ’em character, nutrition, and etiquette, all while breastfeeding……..Um….NOT!

I found it hard at times to remember that it was just the first week, and when I did remember, I was intimidated by the sight of the long road I saw ahead of me.  Apparently, we’ve forgotten how to sit still again.  We’ve forgotten to wait our turn, to share the play-doh and not beat the livin’ daylights out of one another for taking it away.  We’ve added new skills acquired by months of summer leisure, like imitating Fred with the obnoxious voice (most appreciated by my now almost 13 year old), fart jokes, and an obsession with drawing guys in combat. 

Today was day three in our little classroom, and while I am holding steadfastly to every conviction that has ever resonated in my heart about my commitment here to teach and equip my children to be the men they’re called to be, I’m keenly aware of the challenge set before me.

Am I up for it? 


And I used to think others gave me this vote of confidence, too, but now I know they’re just waiting to see the finished product.  Skeptics, but still loving towards me, some have told me they question whether I’m able to handle this many boys.

Not much hurts my heart more than hearing someone say this to me.  I eat, live and breathe for this mission.


I totally know that I am not perfect.  I totally understand that, on the outside looking in, this can look so difficult, almost impossible to a skeptic.

But I’m a believer.  I mean I believe in God.  I believe that He called me to do what I’m doing.  I believe He called me to train 7 boys to grow into the men who are called according to His purpose.  And I believe, even though sometimes I don’t FEEL LIKE IT,  that I CAN do this.  I can because HE SAID I CAN.

I know that’s such a simple explanation, but it’s that black and white for me.  For those that don’t see children the way my husband and I do, I get why they don’t “get it”. 

They’re gifts, these boys of ours.  I don’t want to let them down.  I don’t want to fail my assignment.

And I’ve always been an ‘A’ student, I’m not going to stop now.

I wish I could tell the world to wait to judge me.  Wait until my sons are grown.  Wait until I’ve put the time in.  Wait until I’ve read every last story book, completed all the phonics workbooks our shelves can hold.  Wait until we’re done carting these boys back and forth from soccer to football to baseball and back again for 20 years straight.  Wait until I’ve cooked and cleaned the kitchen and served a million meals to sticky-fingered little boys and filled their tummies with yummy, nutritious foods that kept them energetic enough to knock holes in my walls and jump on the couch til it fell apart.  Wait until I’ve done 3 times the amount of laundry that a mom of 2.3 kids has.  Wait until my hair is gray and my boys are men, tall and grown and taking wives of their own.  Wait until they’re noble, kind, caring, strong men who are fully equipped and have gone off to serve our country in battle, to be an influential congressman, a pastor, a missionary to a starving country, an expert in science who helps find a cure for MRSA, a talented minister of worship, and an innovative engineer.  Wait until they’re married and become fathers and they remember me and say, “yes!  My mama gave it all she had.  She poured her heart into us.  She taught us to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  And because of that, I can stand boldly today and declare that I have never strayed from the path that God has called me to.  I’ve wasted no time floundering around in search of who I was, because she taught me that my identity was in Him.  Though the naysayers might have been many, she kept on, in diligence and strength, and I’m thankful that she did.”

Just wait til then, world.  Wait til then.



  1. Oh Brandy – I don’t think anyone has to “wait til then” to see what a fantastic job you are doing with your boys. Most of us looking in from the outside are envious of the great job you do with your boys. And those that would say anything like that are just probably really embarrased that they are not doing the work you are with their own kids. We all should be doing what you are but must of us (me included) choose to not put in the extra effort.
    Hope you all are doing alright – I know you guys have been through a lot in the last couple of years! Take care and stand tall – cause I think you are great!

  2. Isn’t it hard to raise our kids towards goals no one else can see? Some days will always be better than others, but I know you are doing a great job! Hang in there!

  3. LOVE! this. post. I was recently discouraged regarding this topic, so what did I do? (after prayer and scripture reading) I turned to godly examples the Lord has put in my life, even if it’s via the internet;), and I was not disappointed! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow…I can totally relate to this post (even though I’m the mom of “only” 1 so far 🙂 ). Whenever I feel this way I try to remind myself that each child has a soul – A soul that will either reject or receive Christ one day. A soul that will either love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength or choose to be an enemy of the cross. My highest goal as a mother is to encourage, train, pray for, and nurture that soul so that one day, Lord-willing, each of my children will decide to stand on the side of the Lord, never straying from His path. Although excelling in academics, proper etiquette, and being “well-rounded” is important with respect to raising my children, ultimately it’s the state of each child’s soul that I’m most concerned about. Keeping that in mind is what keeps me going most days.

  5. What an encouragement you are Brandy. Thank you a million times over. And keep on truckin’.

  6. I know it’s been several years since you wrote this post, but it was really inspirational.

    I’m sure I have a ways to go before I’ve gotten to the place where you are at (but I haven’t even delivered baby #3 yet and baby #1 is not quite off to official homeschooling at age four), but I really struggle with my own deficits as a parent, but more importantly as a follower of Christ. I still believe that keeping our kids home for school and working on our own relationships with Christ as parents is the calling that God has for us (among others I am sure!).

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