November 18, 2017

Finding a Back to School Routine that Works

Back to School Routine

It’s something we all need.    Our day goes better with it.    It helps eliminate stress.

What is it?    A ROUTINE!

Whether you home school your kids or your kids attend a public or private school, it’s something that is a must in our day if we want things to run smoother.

Now remember there is a difference between a schedule and a routine.  A schedule is something that is planned out by time increments and a routine is something that is done by daily habits and consistency.

If you have no routine now, start with a morning routine, then after that is established, add in an evening routine before bedtime.

Each family is very unique.  From size to occupation to where you live, we are all different and finding what works for your family is key.

5 Steps to Establishing a Routine

  • Keep it simple. Try not to complicate things with too many details.  A routine works best when it’s simple and you know what is expected to happen.  Kids need structure and a simple pattern to follow.  (example:  Wake up, make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, do your chores, etc.)
  • Be consistent.   Consistency is what makes routines work.  Having a routine forces you to be consistent.  Doing the same thing every morning, or evening helps your kids know what to expect.   It creates patterns and helps them to know what to expect and when to expect to do them.
  • Be flexible.   As with anything else, you’ve got to be flexible!  There are times that something just comes up unexpectedly and you just have to roll with it.  A doctor’s appointment, a sick child, you over-slept, etc.  It happens to everyone and those particular days you just have to roll with it and try as best as possible to do what you can and remember to jump back into the routine the next day.
  • Personalize it.  Here is the beauty of each family….no family is the same.  You have to find what works for you and your crew.  If there are certain tasks that needs to be accomplished before school begins then incorporate them in your routine.  What works for one family may not work for another.  Find out what your needs are as a family and what you desire to see done on a daily basis and plug them into your daily habits.
  • Plan ahead.  This is a big one.  A lot of things can be done the night before.  This really helps for the next day.  Checking your calendar, laying out clothes, putting school stuff together, setting up your breakfast items, reviewing lesson plans, signing papers, etc.  When you get into the habit of doing a few routines before bed, it helps start the next day off on a better foot.

All in all, routines are very healthy for families.  From the children to yourself, it just helps when everyone knows what to expect and what to do on any given day, especially during school time.   It eliminates stress (well, some stress at least) and helps bring order to our every-day life.

Here are a few FREE routine charts and ideas for children:

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How do you start a new back-to-school routine in your home?


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