November 19, 2017

Ezekiel Bread

I’m so excited to have a grain mill.  I have wanted one for YEARS.

And finally, last week I received my Nutrigrain grain mill from The Bread Beckers.  I also picked up a fairly large order of grains and beans from Azure Standard just before that so that I would have all the ingredients my little heart desired to bake just about anything my boys’ little hearts desired as soon as it arrived.

I won’t say that they wanted me to make Ezekiel bread.  In fact, I don’t even think they know what it is.  One asked me yesterday if it was “baby butt bread”.  Obviously, he’s had a bit of experience with both banana nut bread and baby food cake……but the words just didn’t come out right.

Hayden and I had fun making sure I had all the right measurements of each grain and bean.  And the little boys thought it was cool to watch how the grains are slowly vacuumed down into the mill.  Levi helped me stir.

Why, oh WHY, didn’t I just use the KitchenAid Mixer to mix this stuff?  It needs a LOT of stirring.  I suppose it was due to the fact that said  mixer bowl was still dirty from previous night’s baking of baby food cake by Nolan.  He said he wished he had used white flour instead of whole wheat flour, and I agreed, it did change the texture of that cake.  But still, very yummy!

Anyway.  Just use a mixer for Ezekiel bread if you have one, would ya?  Unless you’re going for really big biceps or something.

It’s really simple to make this sweet, dense, cake-like bread.  Here are a few step-by-step photos.

Collect your ingredients.

Measure grains and beans into a large mixing bowl.

Pour grain and bean mixture into grain mill.

Remove milled flour from grain mill.

Add flour mixture to the liquids.

Stir. And stir. And stir some more.

Stir until spoon can stand alone in center of dough.

Pour into greased loaf pans.

Let dough rise about an hour.

Bake at 350 about 45 minutes.



  1. So is it worth a full cup of yummy honey? I’m willing to give it a try, if it’s really good!

    • I definitely think it’s worth the one cup of honey since you get two really hearty loaves of bread. I froze one because there’s no way we can eat it that fast. It’s pretty filling, even for our boys. 🙂

  2. you forgot to say if it was any good!! 🙂

    here is a question about the mill: Do you wash your beans before you grind them? Sometimes they come pretty grimy and dusty in the bag. Just asking… have no clue, never used a mill… don’t know if I want to go into it really. But I am curious.

    thanks. 🙂


    PS I use most of your recipes: granola bars, chewy chocolate chip cookies and the fabulous homemade bread. My children love them all… The granola bars are a huge success. They don’t last long. 🙂

  3. Love bread beckers 😉 we live 10 min from them! So I’m spoiled by picking up fresh honey, grain and more monthly 🙂

  4. Looks yummy! Is this a snack bread like Banana Bread? Or will you use this for sandwiches?

    • I haven’t made it yet, but Ezekiel Bread is a fasting bread. It’s meant to be eaten alone. If you look in the Bible, to the book of Ezekiel, God tells him to use grains and beans to make a cake, and he was supposed to eat just that, with water, for a very long time. It’s very filling and nutritionally dense.

    • Hi Kaylee! Stacey is right. And it is SO dense! Definitely can be used for anything you’d like. Sandwiches, breakfast, or just a snack. So good for you. 😉

  5. Ezekial bread is made with SPROUTED grains – thereby changing the gluten content and boosting it’s nutritional value!

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