November 23, 2017

Exciting Things on the Horizon!

I’ve got a lot of exciting things in the works these days.  I mean, besides these eight boys, of course.

Texas Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

In January, I attended my very first Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit in Oklahoma!  It blew my socks off!  I just kept saying to Connie, “I had no idea that this was going to be so amazing!  I wish I had come sooner!  This is so awesome!”  And by the end of the conference, I couldn’t help but to tell Roxanne how my heart just knew I had to help this moms’ ministry in whatever way I could.  Well, little did I know that Roxanne was already waiting on God to start assembling a team to help put together the very first Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit in Texas – my home state!  You bet your boots I’m on board!

We’re in the prayer and planning stages, and hoping to get the first Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit ready for January of 2014, y’all!  And I couldn’t be more excited!  Will you come?

42 Days of Healthy, Simple Dinners

Many of you bought and read the eBook, 42 Days to Fit, and to those who did, can I just say a big THANK YOU!?!  Over 25,000 copies have already been downloaded of this realistic fitness plan for moms!  I’m so glad so many moms are participating and are that motivated to get back on the road to being fit for life!  To celebrate, Stacy, Emma, and I decided to write a few recipe books to go along with 42 Days to Fit.  Our next eBook that will accompany our first, or can stand alone, too, is tentatively titled 42 Days of Healthy, Simple Dinners!  We’re so excited to share 42 amazing, delicious, nutritious dinner recipes that you can make in your own kitchen that will not only work for your fitness goals, but will feed your growing family, too!  Who’s excited?  Me! Me!  Okay…anyone else?

Better Mom Contributor

I’ve recently joined the writing team at The Better Mom.  I’m humbled and excited.  If you haven’t been by this encouraging site yet, go check it out.  I know you’ll be encouraged.

Big Family Food

Oh, my goodness, y’all!  In just a few more weeks, the long-awaited food site, BigFamilyFood, will be ready to share with you all.  Do you want to know what this site will do for you, busy moms?  Everything!  That’s right!  We have our programmer hard at work in hopes that this site will not only provide you with delicious recipes for your family, but also give you the option of creating your weekly meal plan, printing your grocery shopping list, and EVEN finding and printing coupons for that grocery list!  We’re hoping it’s a one-stop shop for you.  With everything in one convenient location, you will save time, energy, AND money while getting to serve your family some of the tastiest food!  Be sure and click on over and like our Big Family Food Facebook page to stay in the loop!  What do you think?  Could you use a food site like that?


  1. Excited about all the wonderful things you are doing!

    I’d totally go to that summit if I lived closer. I think I need to move to Texas 🙂

  2. You do have a lot of exciting things going on. It will be fun sharing them with you. Your family is beautiful. How blessed you are.

    • Thanks, Jane! Wish we could have coffee some time! 🙂

      • Oh me too, Brandy! I’ve never been to Texas. I’d have to get me a cowgirl hat, I guess. My cousin lives in Jonesville….I think that is in the Austin area. She is a labor/delivery nurse and midwife. She doesn’t do home deliveries, but works in a birth center with a lot of underserviced women….she loves her work.

  3. I’m about ready to start my 42 days to fit and I would love to have the follow up book. Way to go!!

  4. Yay! I’ve seen pictures and read about the summit for a couple of years, but yes, it was too far for me. I would love to come to one in Texas!

  5. The picture of your 8 boys is adorable! I had to double check because I never knew 8 looked so ‘large’ on a picture ;). Such a blessing to see all your successes!

  6. Also, I liked your new FB page for food. I don’t have a large family but I am always cooking! Congrats on being part of The Better Mom. Love that blog.

  7. I live in Texas! I would love to attend. Where in Texas? I live in the DFW area.

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