September 22, 2017

Essential Oils for Summer

Essential Oils for Summer |

If your summer has been at all like ours, it’s been a busy one!  And although I wouldn’t dream of being without my essential oils for the fall and winter months, it occurred to me the other day that I am using them just as much or more for different ailments of the summer months.

Below is a summary of the oils we’ve used almost daily and how we’ve used them with amazing results.

Lavender for Sunburns

I wouldn’t recommend another product over Lavender essential oil to calm a sunburn and to keep it from blistering and even peeling, sometimes.  Once out of the sun, and after a bath, I have rubbed Lavender on the boys’ sun-burned arms and faces, and even on my husband’s back.  This helps for some immediate relief.  Sometimes the skin starts to dry out after a few days and I reach for some coconut oil and slather that on first, then apply a drop or two of Lavender, rubbing it in well.  Even after a week in the sun on our recent family vacation, none of us have even peeled.

Peppermint for Tummy Aches

I also took Peppermint oil with us on our trip, and on two different nights, I needed it for two different boys’ tummy aches.  I filled a bath with very warm water, added a couple drops of Peppermint.  While it was filling, I rubbed a drop on their tummy, then they got in to soak.  One boy felt completely better before he even got out of the tub!  The other was a slower progress, but he was totally fine the next day!

Peppermint for Headaches

I’ve said it before, but if I had to choose only one oil to have, it would be this one because its uses are so diverse!  With the same oil that relieves tummy aches, I used it this summer to alleviate headaches.  Just a drop around each temple, and maybe on the back of the neck, being careful not to get close to eyes.  Amazing relief!

Purification for Bug Bites

I actually use the same oil to both prevent and treat insect bites.  If applied before, then quite often, insects will avoid you.  If you happen to forget, Purification essential oil is the perfect blend to calm the sting and to prevent inflammation and swelling at the site!

DiGize for Tummy Aches

DiGize Essential Oil Blend |

Another fantastic oil for stomach troubles, I don’t ever want to run out of this one, either!  We had a picnic lunch at the park yesterday in some extreme heat.  At one point, our four-year-old came walking over crying with a tummy ache.  I took him home, rubbed some coconut oil, then DiGize over the area on his tummy that hurt.  Within ten minutes, he was up again, playing, smiling, laughing.  I asked him if his stomach was all better, and he looked at me with surprise, as if he’d forgotten he ever had one.  “Yes, all gone, Mom!”  So thankful for this oil!

Frankincense for Eczema

Before we left for vacation, our 9-year-old son had a small patch of eczema on his face.  I didn’t think about a sunburn making it worse, but it did. By the end of our trip, the area was raised, “bubbled”, and seemed angrier than the rest of his pink face.  Although the rest of his sunburn calmed with a day or two, the area where the eczema began to peel.  I mixed coconut oil and a drop of Frankincense and applied twice a day.  At first the area looked discolored and raw and much lighter than the rest of his face.  After about three days, the skin is perfectly healed and not only normal color, but the eczema is gone!!

Lavender for Dry Skin

Not just for sunburns, I’ve used Lavender for some boys’ faces who were so desperately dry after days of hanging out in chlorinated pools.  Diluted with a dime-size amount of coconut oil, one or two drops of Lavender goes a long way for restoring some hydration to little ones’ faces!  I also applied this to my shoulders and legs this summer to keep them hydrated after the sun!

Thieves for Healing

Inevitably, if you travel at all, you’re going to encounter germs.  We did, and our three little boys caught a “cough and congestion” virus at the very end of our vacation.  I immediately began applying Thieves every night to the bottoms of their feet, then put socks on them before bed.  Within three days, they are not only not getting worse, the crud is almost gone!

Breathe Again, R.C. & Raven for Cough

RC for Cough and Congestion |

I’ve been using Breathe Again and R.C. for a long time now, and have recently added Raven to the mix.  Applied in layers, these three are a powerhouse for knocking out that dry, irritating cough that keeps kids and their parents up all night.  Not only does it quiet the cough, but the combined force of these oils breaks up the congestion and helps loosen it so that the child’s cough is more productive, therefore lessening the time of the sickness.  I used this with NO OTHER REMEDY this past week on my 6, 4, and 2 year old boys, along with Thieves, with amazing results.

Are you new to essential oils?  Want to learn more about how to get started?  Just click here.

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