November 17, 2017

Easy Toffee Bars

I first saw these easy toffee bars on Pinterest not long ago. And being the toffee lover that I am, I just couldn’t forget about them.

I would click on the picture and drool and tell myself, YES, I can make these soon.

And the time has come.  The time is now.

They are amazingly good and I wish that I had found the recipe sooner in life.

Thank you, thank you, Tonya from 4 Little Fergusons, for sharing this droolicious recipe that’s just perfect for this time of year!



  1. WOW – these are terrific!

  2. I have this exact same recipe except mine calls for saltines instead of graham crackers. We love it with saltines, but I’ll have to try it with graham crackers too! 🙂

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