November 18, 2017

Easy Sausage Potato Cake

Easy Sausage Potato Cake

By Contributing Writer, Stephani

Recently, I bought 20 pounds of potatoes then discovered no one in our house cared for them.

In my defense, I thought everyone but me liked them. We’re doing this 30-Day Challenge that calls for eating only produce, meat, milk, and eggs from local sources – on a tight budget. We’re learning to stretch our grocery budget in a new way, bypassing on sale – but out of season – watermelons at the store for cucumbers, tomatoes, and boxes of fresh peaches. And potatoes. Apparently lots of potatoes.

I had no idea they were in season in early summer. But apparently they were. And they sat in my fridge for far too long before I found the perfect way to serve them. 

I tried a couple of the classic use-up-the-potato dishes, including making real (not baked) homemade french fries for the first time. Mildly traumatic, but delicious. This dish is even better.

Not just because it won’t burst into flames.

Sausage Potato Cake is everything I love about a main course in our house – delicious, frugal, hearty, simple, nothing made from a can. Gluten-free and freezer-friendly too! Although it’s made from whole, fresh ingredients, the directions are easy and straight forward. 

This is by far my favorite potato dish right now.

At least, it definitely beats the french fry experience.

What’s your favorite way to use potatoes?


  1. This sounds good. I don’t care much for sausage, but the rest of my family does and we all like ground beef. When I first read this, I thought it read 200 # of potatoes…..I thought, this lady is really in a pickle. Thankful it was only 20!

  2. This sounds great. I always get potatoes because they are cheap but then look at them and can’t figure out what to do other then our normal baked or mashed. Pinned and going to try these next time I we have potatoes on the menu.

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