November 18, 2017

Easy, Homemade Lime Chips

I made a big pot of chicken tortilla soup tonight and needed some tortilla chips.  We had some multi-grain, flax chips, and as good as those are with hummus, salsa, and even guac, I just didn’t think they would work well in our bowls filled with soup, avocado and jack cheese.

I had plenty of corn tortillas, so I decided to just make our own chips.

So simple, and I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before!

I simply sprayed a cookie sheet with cooking spray, placed six tortillas in a single layer on the pan, then sprayed another light layer on top.  I sprinkled some salt on top and broiled them on one side for several minutes.  Then I flipped them to lightly brown the other side.  This plain batch was good enough like this, but on the next batch, we sprinkled some chili powder along with the salt.  Delish!

We got a little excited, and since we already had limes cut up for our soup, we sprinkled lime juice on the third batch (yes we made 18!) and WOW – they were so good!


  1. We make our own tortilla chips by deep frying corn tortillas. This would be a much healthier alternative! 😉

  2. Yum!

  3. Great idea to put the lime and chili powder on! When I make them, I cut them into triangles with a pizza cutter before baking them.

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