November 17, 2017

Easy Bean Dip

Beans.  It’s what’s for breakfast.

And lunch.

And dinner.

And depending on the day, maybe even for snack.  Today is one of those days.

I read some recipes that called for cream cheese and that did NOT sound good to me.

I read some others that called for hamburger meat.  Wha?  Thought this was supposed to be BEAN dip……

I quit reading and decided to make my own according to what sounded good to my pregnant brain and belly.

And guess what?

It’s delish!  It was totally going to just be my pre-dinner snack (wouldn’t that just be called an appetizer?) but now I have plans to build dinner around it.  Tortilla anyone?

Serve with your favorite tortilla chips and enjoy!


  1. So is the bean cure working for you? I’m so intriqued by this that I’m tempted to have another (our 7th) just to test it! I also suffer from 8 months of all day nausea.

  2. Hey Carrie! I would be the first to say that although it really doesn’t “cure” any nausea from happening in the first place, it sure does help it to go away and then from being worse later in the day. It keeps your digestive system moving in the right direction and that in itself, offers tremendous relief! I know that’s probably TMI, but seriously…..Yes!!! I absolutely feel much better if I eat beans for breakfast and lunch…and then maybe a few bites with dinner, but not always. Here’s a super informative article that I found via Visionary Womanhood:

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