November 17, 2017

Easiest Spaghetti Ever (Garlic Spaghetti)

When my husband and I first got married, and I made spaghetti, I made what my mother always made:  Kraft Tangy Italian in the green box.  I don’t know why she liked it so much, but she did, and we loved it.

But my husband was like, “what is THIS?”  Again, not to knock my mama….she could cook her way around a kitchen, especially this mean dish called Lemon Chicken….but that’s for another post, another day.

Back to spaghetti.  “What is this?”  He asked.  “My mom made Garlic Spaghetti when IIIIII was little!!!” 

Alrightey then.  “So what is garlic spaghetti and how did she make it?”  I ask.  And his reply added a whole new recipe to my repertoire:  “Noodles, olive oil and garlic!”

So I am going to give my sweet mother-in-law credit here, while adding my confession that I’ve only changed one thing.  Dax said she used garlic powder, buuuuut…since I LOOOOOVE fresh garlic, I use fresh.

You wouldn’t think all that chit-chat was needed to post a simple recipe like this, would ya?

Eat with a veggie filled salad and artisan bread if you can handle that many carbs!!!
Enjoy knowing that you’ve just rid your system of any impurities by eating an insane amount of garlic. 

Oh, and have fun with the garlic breath!


  1. I just wanted you to know, that we LOVE your mamas Lemon Chicken. I also have to tell you, I think of her EVERY time I make it. I have read your posts on her, and so I think of what you have said about her EVERY time. I always give her the credit for the recipe also. Thank you for sharing your Mama with me.

    Linda St. Laurent

  2. So easy, yet I never thought of it until I read your post. We topped it with feta cheese and everyone ate it right up – Thanks!

  3. I think I’d miss the tomato sauce…I’d have to add in at least one hearty spoonful of traditional sauce. I think Hubs would like it that way…more flavor, less sauce, since he tends to eat the pasta and leave the sauce on his plate…even when it is a good hearty meat sauce. I use up our leftover spaghetti sauce by adding green beans and corn, topping it with mashed potatoes and cheese, and making my mom’s “hamburger pie” which is similar to shepherd’s pie, I think. Or I layer it with more noodles & shredded cheese and bake it for “spaghetti casserole” (my SIL’s recipe, I think, though I got it from MIL) Hubs loves the spaghetti casserole and the hamburger pie. Not sure why he leaves the sauce behind on reg spaghetti. Maybe I should ask him 🙂

  4. Ha! Ha! I have fond memories Kraft Zesty Italian dinner. On the rare occasion I see it in a store I’ll pick up a box for old times’ sake.


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