November 22, 2017

Crock-Pot Makes Super Bowl Food Easy and Delicious {and a Giveaway!}


I don’t know about you, but Super Bowl is a big day at our house.  And with 8 sons, I can imagine it will always be a big day in our family.

My favorite thing about Super Bowl Sunday is, of course, the food!  I love preparing yummy treats and savory eats that we can munch on all day while enjoying our day together and watching the ridiculous commercials.  Oh, and then there’s the football.  Yes.

Food and football.  That basically covers it for our family, I suppose.

Lucky for me, (and them) I get to be in charge of the food department.

For Super Bowl Sunday, it doesn’t get much easier than filling up my new Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker to the brim with this amazing soup!  Delicious and hearty, my boys absolutely love this stuff!  And alongside our traditional chips and homemade queso, this creamy Mexican chicken and black bean soup is a Super Bowl winner! (Do you know how tempted I was to type Souper Bowl winner there?)

Automatic Stirring Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Giveaway |

Game day has never been easier for me, thanks to Crock-Pot®!  Seriously.  Just throw the ingredients for this soup into your slow cooker, and by game time, your dinner is piping hot and ready to serve!

Click here for the handy dandy printable for Creamy Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Soup.

Crock-Pot® sent me the amazing new automatic stirring slow cooker to try and it’s fantastic!  I never even have to lift the lid to stir every couple hours.  It cannot get any easier than that, my friends!

And I am thrilled to tell you that one of you readers will be winning one, too!  Enter to win using the Rafflecopter box below.

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What are your favorite game day foods?


  1. buffalo wings!!!!

  2. Leslie MP says:

    spinach and artichoke dip

  3. chips and salsa

  4. Meatballs!

  5. christine says:

    chili-cheese dip with fritos, yum!

  6. Kelly Zanni says:

    Would love to win this and the soup recipe sounds delicious

  7. It’s not game day for me without chili!

  8. Bacon wrapped jalapeño chicken

  9. Buffalo chicken dip, yum!

  10. Pizza! 🙂

  11. Spinach and artichoke dip!

  12. taco dip!

  13. 7 Layer Taco Dip and Pizza

  14. Sliders and wings!

  15. Spinach and artichoke dip

  16. DESIREE H says:

    I love the sausage cheese dip!!
    mm thanks

  17. Chicken wings

  18. Baked chicken wings!

  19. nachos and guac

  20. Adria Cain says:


  21. Gina Rock says:


  22. Didn’t make any… staying at home with my lil guy eating Cheetos 🙂

  23. Queso dip!

  24. Rod Jackson says:


  25. Dawn Monroe says:

    I love cheese ball and bbq meatballs.

  26. My favorites are bean dip,nachos,tacos,brownies,and quesadillas.

  27. Dips, dips, and more dips. Crab, cheese, hot, cold. YUM!

  28. Birdiebee says:

    7 layer dip is my favorite game day food.

  29. Tabitha P. says:

    i love little smokies wrapped in bacon!
    heck i just love bacon 😉

  30. Bean dip!!

  31. jalapeño poppers

  32. Any kind of dip is so yummy!

  33. Spinach artichoke dip and meatballs.

  34. Nachos are my favorite

  35. Jessica Menster says:

    My family loves bacon wrapped little smokes and nachos using melted cheese and rotel!

  36. JHUANA HALE says:

    buffalo wings

  37. Skyline Chili Dip!

  38. Nachos and slow cooker chili 🙂

  39. How do you get young kids to eat soups/stews?

  40. We like buffalo chicken blue cheese dip and chips

  41. I love hot wings!

  42. Pizza!

  43. Pulled BBQ chicken

  44. Pulled pork.

  45. carrots and hummus — yum

  46. We never have the same game day food… so I don’t know about a favorite. However, tortilla chips and chili or taco dip are a great cold weather party food in our house! 🙂

  47. I love Buffalo Chicken Dip!

  48. buffalo wings

  49. I make a rocking buffalo chicken dip

  50. Nachos & guac!

  51. Elizabeth S says:

    French onion meatballs done in the crockpot. Incredible!

  52. Shannon W. says:

    Artichoke dip!

  53. Guacamole, yum!

  54. Andrea Anguiano says:

    I’ve never had the privilege of cooking with a crock pot but I have so many recipes I’d like to try!

  55. Tracey M. says:

    I love hot wings!!!! Yes, that has to be my favorite game time food. It would be awesome to win this Crock-Pot Slow Cooker. I love the locking feature. Thank you for the chance!

  56. Nachos!

  57. jessica m says:


  58. chili cheese chip dip!

  59. WINGS!!!

  60. Lisa Flynn says:

    Hot Wings!

  61. We must not be normal because we don’t “do” game day. 🙂 But I love franks buffalo chicken dip!

  62. Pizza!

  63. Homemade quacamole and chips

  64. Nachos

  65. Definitely pizza and wings! I’m on Nutrisystem though this year, so none for me.

  66. I’ve never used a crock pot!

  67. Tortilla chips and taco dip!

  68. Pizza dip! Mmm

  69. Kelly Sangree says:

    Sweets! Pumpkin pie this year!

  70. Chips and guacamole and queso

  71. Chips and queso all the way!

  72. Favorite game day food is cheese dip with lots of fritos! 🙂

  73. Holly Koprowski says:


  74. Salsa and guacamole

  75. Darlene Jones says:

    Chicken wings!

  76. Julie Lee says:

    My favorite game day food is hot wings!! So yummy!

  77. What game?
    I love lots of yummy dips, and pizza, of course. But we don’t do the football thing.

  78. hot wings!

  79. Dip, dip, and more dip!!!

  80. LaVonne Sanchez says:

    Chips and dip

  81. I LOVE dips!! Salsa, Green chile bean dip, Guacamole and this year I made Jalapeño Popper dip and a Buffalo Chicken dip in my crockpot 🙂

  82. Meatballs or lil smokies!

  83. Charlsey G says:


  84. There’s so many yummy things to make in the crockpot. My fave might be the always a hit and simple: Velveeta and rotel dip.

  85. Garlic parm boneless wings 🙂

  86. Nachos!

  87. Kindra R. says:

    I would want to make some Amazing Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake!

  88. I love crockpot cooking. It is so easy to know you can put the ingredients in and leave for hours. Come back to a house smelling awesome and food ready to eat. My favorite is chili.

  89. I don’t watch football so I’ve never been to a Super Bowl party!

  90. Mexican seven layer dip and chips!

  91. I love buffalo wings and loaded potato skins for game day food. I also love a good, spicy queso dip and some guacamole.

  92. Pizza and wings are my favorite!

  93. Elizabeth G. says:

    Chips and guacamole.

  94. I love hanky panky’s! But for crockpot food I love chicken chilli.

  95. Pizza

  96. My favorite game day food is definitely buffalo chicken dip. Mmmm!

  97. I love tacos and nachos

  98. I love pizza!

  99. My favorite is pizza!

  100. Meatballs!!

  101. Tamela Camp says:

    Pizza and all types of appetizer finger foods. I love, love, love party food!

  102. sausage balls, chips and dips

  103. I love pizza on game day.

  104. Our favorite food is homemade chili (in a crock-pot of course!)

    Oh, a self stirring pot sounds perfect – Thank you for the giveaway!


  105. Love the crock pot. I use it several times a week. It frees up my time for cleaning the house, running the kids around, etc…..

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