November 19, 2017

Christmas Peppermint Chocolates – 3 Ingredients!

Christmas Peppermint Chocolates - 3 Ingredients

by Contributing Writer, Sarah Outlaw

I have a confession to make. Christmas makes me hyperventilate. Not the true meaning of Christmas which is the incredible birth of Jesus Christ, but the commercialized version with a million gifts, inflated prices and must-have toys.

My love language is not gifts. “Gifts” doesn’t even register on my love language radar! I am terrible at knowing what to buy for people and prefer homemade gifts like lip balm, body buttersugar scrub, tea, vanilla extract and salted caramel. I love food gifts too! I like simple!

Because I like simple, I am bringing a simple, 3-ingredient Christmas Peppermint Chocolate recipe today. I saved the molds from our advent calendars from the past few years and put them to work. Any small chocolate molds can be used.

All you need for these adorable little chocolates is coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and chocolate chips! A very easy recipe that packs a powerful, pepperminty punch that everyone loves!

Peppermint Chocolates

These chocolates put smiles on everyone’s faces that receive them. Put them in with your Christmas cookies, gift them in pretty little packages or serve them at your Christmas parties. They are really delicious!

Having something this simple that you can make in just a few minutes will help you focus on the true meaning of Christmas and spend precious time with your family and friends.

What are some ways you simplify Christmas?


  1. Christmas and mint chocolate always work so well. Nice idea. It just brings back memories. My favorite is to nibble on a piece Mint chocolate (ok a whole slab) with a cup of Ceylon Cinnamon Tea without any sugar. That way I can enjoy the chocolate knowing full well that the Cinnamon will modulate the blood sugar spikes that comes from the infusion of sugar. I tend to overdo the chocolate and the tummy starts to rumble but the Cinnamon gets rid of that. A perfect guilt free experience.

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