November 19, 2017

Christmas Gifts You Can Make With Kids

By contributing writer, Debra

I always love crafting for Christmas gifts. This year, I really want to keep it simple, and I want to include the kids. As nice as it is in theory though, sometimes crafting with kids can get a little stressful for me. It takes time to get supplies, set up for a craft, and make something. I want something simple, that results in low mess and yet a nice gift.

A few weeks ago I tried ceramic painting for the first time. It was crafter’s love at first stroke. I was able to get out of the house for a few hours and paint something beautiful. They fired it for me, then I was able to pick it up a few days later. I did not have to get supplies. I did not have to set up a place to craft and I did not even have to clean up from crafting. Everything was already set up.

I knew this would be the perfect avenue for allowing the kids to make some Christmas gifts. My son and I went in and made a huge mug for daddy. It has a portrait of Mark and I (can you see us?), the words “I love dad” written by me, and Christopher’s  scribble signature on the bottom. My two year old daughter and I went in a few days later and made some things for her grandmothers. They have lots and lots of pink.

It was simple and fun!  I chose to get mid-range items but could have spent as little as $3. Every store will have it’s own prices, but buying the pieces also covered the firing costs and the cost of the paints.

A few ceramic painting tips:

  • Make sure you know if there is a firing fee or if the piece  you buy also covers cost.
  • Go with ONE kid at a time.
  • Make sure that they have a way to make it safe for food before you choose a mug or serving patter.
  • Don’t go on a Saturday’s afternoon or Friday evening.
  • This is not just an idea to do with kids. I made a vase for my sister for her bridal shower. 
  • Wear clothes you do not care about.

More Christmas Crafts With Kids

I asked some blogging friends for some ideas they had for Christmas Gifts kids can help make. They gave me some great ideas!
Note: For the gifts in the jar I suggest measuring out the ingredients and letting the kids dump them in. A canning funnel would help immensely with this.

Salt dough hand prints here @ The Marathon Mom


Cinnamon Ornaments @ Natural Living Mamma


Vanilla Sugar Scrub @ More Than Mundane


Gingerbread Cookie Mix in a Jar from Simple Homemade


lip salve

Raw Honey Lip Salve @ Nourishing Faith and Family
Note: this would best be done with older kids as it uses hot ingredients.

Gifts in a Jar @ The Nourishing Home


Handprint Calender (there are ideas for every month) @ Pocketful of Posies
Then of course you will need to wrap your gift.

DIY Wrapping Paper with Kids @ I Thought I Knew Mama

Have you ever made Christmas gifts with young kids? What did you make?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my gifts-in-jar ideas. And I am excited about the other ideas you shared such as the salt dough handprints and homemade wrapping paper. SO cute! You are such a blessing!

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