December 15, 2017

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

We make a few birthday cakes around here.  Over the years, I’ve gotten more creative in ways to not only save, but to do something special for the birthday boy.  This cookie cake has become a favorite.

I like it because I love cookie dough, it’s easy to make, it’s WAY cheaper than a store-bought cookie cake, and the whole family loves it!

I didn’t even mention that it’s the coolest thing ever to get to slice birthday cake with a pizza cutter, making it a snap to serve.

It’s really so easy and so delicious.

I simply make a regular batch of chocolate chip cookies, making sure to use enough flour.  You know how sometimes you might use scant measurements and your cookies come out a bit thin because of that?  I am careful not to let that happen when making this cookie cake, otherwise, there would be one huge mess of a cookie blob to clean up.

I use about 3/4 of the cookie dough from this recipe (minus the nuts).  The rest of the dough can be used for whatever you think is best.  You could carefully pack it away in the fridge, or freeze it for another day.  You could even bake some cookies if you like.  But, um…ours doesn’t make it to any of those places before it’s eaten by a small tribe of boys.

Back to the cake….

Take 3/4 of the cookie dough (just eyeball it), and shape into a rough ball and place onto round pizza stone or pan.  Then, just begin smoothing it out, pushing it down and out, until you get it to about two or three inches from the side of the pan.  You want to leave enough room for it to expand.  Try to get it as even as possible, with no big lumps in the middle or around the edges.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Last, try to smooth it into a nice circle.  It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it.  🙂

Bake this big bad thing at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.  Watch it closely, so that you don’t over-cook it, but also, it may need to be turned around in the oven so that it cooks evenly.

Once completely cooled, ice and decorate with your favorite cake icing.  I used a cheat version in an “easy frost” can.

Happy 15th Birthday, to our oldest son, Nolan!

 Do you make your own cookie cakes?


  1. *Love* the last picture!

  2. That looks like one very happy birthday boy. And one delicious cake. Happy Birthday, Nolan!

  3. Your’s looks so yummy!!
    I make my own cookie cakes. In fact, my recipe is almost exactly like your’s. I use 1 1/2 cups flour and 2 cups of oat flour.
    I make mine in my 14 inch cake pan. It fits perfectly!

  4. In middle school I made one of these with one of my friends and we thought we were inventing something new! I don’t even remember how it turned out, but yours looks awesome!

  5. My son wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake for his birthday but he wanted a 3 layer cake with ice cream between each layer that he had seen in a magazine. It was delicious but, word of warning, if you ever want to make one, be sure to allow the cookies to cool completely before putting the cake together. Don’t try to make it all in one day for an early afternoon party like I did. It was a big, sticky, melty mess. Delicious but it sure didn’t look pretty!

  6. I know when I use my pizza stone for pizza I have to warm the stone so that the bottom cooks thoroughly. Do you need to do this for the cookie? Thanks!

  7. Oh YUM! That looks delish! And I’m not a huge fan of cake anyway, but we LOVE chocolate chip cookies over in our house! Definitely filing this idea away for the next birthday {which just so conveniently happens to be mine}. 😉 thanks!!

  8. We just did this for our last family birthday. Instead of choc chips we used white chips and macadamia nuts. It was so yummy!!

  9. Thanks for the great recipe! I made this giant cookie cake and used it as a base for the 6″ round Cookie Monster cake that I made for my son’s second birthday. It turned out great and was so delicious!

  10. When I made this on my pizza stone, the cookie stuck to the stone. Do you have any tips to keep this from happening? Should I try using parchment paper underneath or spraying with Pam before adding the raw dough to the stone?

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