November 18, 2017

Chicken Pot Pie

Our family absolutely loves this dish!  The original recipe used to serve us well, but over the years, as we’ve added a couple more mouths, and the boys have started eating more, I’ve had to beef it up a bit.  Or would that be chicken it up a bit?

Either way, I’ve learned to pack as much into this one 9X13 casserole dish as possible, in hopes that everyone gets full.  (And yes, I imagine regularly the amount of cooking I am going to be doing in the next few years as these boys all grow into large men.)   🙂

There’s a bit of prep work, but it’s worth it!

This dish is the perfect meal for making ahead of time and freezing.  Assemble recipe up to the point of baking, seal, then freeze.  When ready to bake, simply allow more time for cooking, up to two hours.  Leave foil on for majority of baking time, and check to see how it’s cooking occasionally.  When bubbly around edges and completely thawed through middle, remove foil for the remainder of baking time.  Pot pie is done when top is light golden brown.


  1. This looks great, Brandy! I haven’t commented since you started the new looks really nice! Oh, and I made a frappuccino yesterday…I’m planning to make another today! 🙂

    • Tara!! I was wondering about you THIS MORNING!! Too funny! Good to hear from you. 🙂

      • Very cool! You should pray for me when you wonder about me! 😉
        Did any of your older boys start showing differences around age 9? I’m praying for wisdom to know what to do about my 9 year old. He just seems to be displaying more of an attitude, and I’ve had someone else tell me that they observed him being disobedient to his grandpa. Good attitude and obedience are some things that we try to instill early on. Not to say that our children obey ALL the time…anyway, you probably get the picture. Just figured you may have some words of wisdom since you have a couple boys at least that old. Sorry for the long comment!

        • Tara, how are you? Yes, our boys are all over the map with differences and changes. We just take it one day at a time. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Ok Made the Chicken Pot Pie 2 x in the last week- and my children love it! My athletic husband just had a heaping serving too- Now onto more of your wonderful recipes.

    • Forgot to mention- 1st time I messed up and left out the cup of milk.- nice think potpie. 2nd time I made it with cup of milk and the kids did not like it as well- they still ate all of it of course- but they liked the thicker potpie.

  3. Christa Jones says:

    Hi Brandy! Have you ever made this & froze it to eat later? I’m just about through my Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, but will have another turkey for Christmas. I’m using the leftovers to make freezer meals so I’m prepared when my 3rd boys gets here in mid-Feb & was thinking this might be a yummy option.

    • Oh, you and I are on the same train of thought….YES!! I have made it before and frozen it. I just assembled it with the pie crusts, covered it and froze it. When it was time to cook, I just allowed for a bit more time to thaw, then baked as usual. It’s on my list to make for freezer meals for after the baby’s born, too!! 🙂

  4. So I’m thinking this might be a good use for homemade (in the crock pot) shredded chicken but I’m not sure how much to use? I want to make up a big batch of chicken to use in various recipes. Any idea how many cups equal 4 chicken breasts?

  5. This will be my second time making this, my husband LOVES it! He works so hard and for so long, he appreciates how he doesn’t need to eat so much and feel full for longer.

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog. This recipe was fantastic! My family of 7 gobbled up the 9×13 pan! I look forward to keeping up with you and your family. It’s always encouraging to read about how others are managing their homes and families in a Godly way. Thank you!

  7. I just got the Kindle edition of “42 days” as a birthday present to myself. This was the first recipe I tried, and my husband LOVED it. Also I had a portion for lunch at school/work and several people commented how great it smelled. So easy, too!

    Thanks Brandy!


  8. Hi,
    This sounds very yummy but what could I substitute the cream of chicken soup for? Where I am i cannot find this :(. Thanks in advance

  9. Heather Russ Mincy says:

    Putting it in the oven right now!! Figured I would make something my college age son cook take he leftovers and freeze… But after tasting the filling before dumping it in the pan… I am thinking there may not be much left over… Fingers crossed!!

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