November 17, 2017

Fiesta Chicken Ring

This is one of those versatile dishes that can serve as a great dinner for your family or as party food.  Wait….isn’t that the same thing?

Certainly not the healthiest, seeing how the first ingredients on the list are crescent rolls, but overall, not too bad.  I would love to find an easy, healthy, homemade version of the crescent roll and when I do, I’ll update this recipe.  But until then, they’re the perfect dough for filling with this super-yummy chicken, veggie and cheese mixture.

One chicken ring would not fill us up, so we need either two chicken rings, or one chicken ring and an extra batch of filling in chips or tortillas.  I always use double the following recipe, just because there are a lot of us, but I cut in half to share with you here.


  1. I use Crystal’s butterhorn recipe (Money Saving Money) as crescent rolls. You can even make them whole wheat!

  2. Virginia says:

    I made this last night and it was wonderful–the lime juice and cilantro were so tasty. It was a little tricky arranging the crescent rolls, but whatever I did worked. I just found your website and have been looking through the recipes. Thanks!

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