November 18, 2017

Cherry Pecan Granola Bars

Cherry Pecan Granola Bars |

We love experimenting with new granola bar recipes around here.

Many of our favorites contain peanut butter and chocolate, but not this one!

Nope.  In fact, with the addition of a little fresh, ground flax seed, I like to think of these Cherry Pecan Granola Bars as one of the healthiest treats yet!

These granola bars are super simple to make.  Simply melt your almond butter, coconut oil, and honey together in a small pan.  Then dump in the remaining ingredients and stir.  Let them cool in a pan, then cut into bars.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Vicki B. says:

    This looks yummy! We make a granola bar that is similar but e haven’t tried pecans and cherries yet. Looks like that’s going on my grocery list for next week.

  2. Is there an alternative to coconut oil? My husband is allergic to coconut.

  3. These look to die for!! I can’t belive there is no baking involved. I think I will try with the previous poster’s substitution of of butter. butter makes everything wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I made these today. Very simple! I didn’t have almond butter so I used a small amount of unsalted butter plus pure almond extract. I did add in some semi-sweet choc chips. Yum! Thanks!

  5. Do I understand correctly that this recipe calls for one twenty fourth cup of almond butter?

    • No, I’m so sorry. I was tweaking that recipe the other day, and thought I edited it to say 1/4 cup almond butter. My apologies. All fixed now. 🙂 Thanks for calling my attention to that. I really do appreciate that. 🙂


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