October 18, 2017

Preschoolers and Gardening

We planted a vegetable garden in our backyard this spring. The boys are having a […]

Testosterone at its Finest

Recently, the boys asked for boxing gloves.  A firm believer in allowing boys to grow […]

More Easter Fun!!!

Dax and the Boys Cupcakes I made….Recipe from www.Bakerella.com

Easter Fun

Happy Easter from our family to yours!! Celebrating Life, The Ferguson Family

You Know You’re 8 Months Pregnant When…

March 27, 2008  (Our sixth son Levi was born less than two months after this […]

Story from a boy and his mom

April 04, 2008    I picked them up from school as usual, and on the […]

The Ironies of Motherhood

August 12, 2008  (another oldie I dug up…) I am often intrigued by the ironies […]

They Grow up Fast

An old post from a couple years ago.  Man, they grow up fast! Friday, August […]