April 19, 2014

How to Make Popcorn without a Microwave


I know. Fifty years ago, this blogpost would be entirely unnecessary.  But then again, cyberworld didn't exist as we know it, so here we are. I quit buying microwave popcorn a long time ago due to the unhealthy nature of the GMO corn, the teflon in the bag, and of course combining all that with the potentially harmful effects from the microwave...Well, it just sounded like a recipe for … [Read more...]

Grain-Free Chocolate Lava Cakes

Grain-Free Chocolate Lava Cakes | The Marathon Mom via Real Food Outlaws

by Contributing Writer, Sarah Outlaw It's almost Valentine's Day! It's a time to recognize the one you love with some extra special attention and maybe even a little gift like flowers or candy. Now, hopefully you are showering your spouse daily with the love and attention they deserve and not just waiting for this one itty-bitty day! It's so important to tell the ones you love how much you … [Read more...]

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Soup {for the Slow Cooker}

Mexican Chicken and Black Bean Soup for the Slow Cooker

Oh my goodness, yall!  Last weekend, I had the privilege of hanging out with some of the most beautiful women at the Texas Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit.  It was amazing, by the way!  And it takes a big team to pull off such a wonderful event.  Since we knew we'd be too busy to leave the hotel for any food, we brought a bunch of yummy things into our work suite, and this soup was one of those … [Read more...]

Healthy Gingerbread Soft Serve

gingericecream copy

By Contributing Writer, Debra Worth Have you made a new year resolution to try and eat healthier in 2014? What about, as a subset of that, reduce sugar intake? Personally, I am drastically trying to reduce sugar. But, that does not mean I no longer have a sweet tooth. I am just trying to find more natural ways to satisfy it. Today I am sharing with you one of the best recipes I have for doing … [Read more...]

Chicken and Rice

chicken and rice

I didn't cook very many meals in the kitchen with my mom, but this was one she specifically taught me how to make.  And I miss her. Every. Single. Time I make it. It's comfort food, y'all. Make a big batch and keep some leftovers for lunch the next day.  You'll be glad you did.     … [Read more...]

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Soft and chewy, and with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar on the outside, these cookies are a special treat! Include these in holiday treat bags, Christmas tins for friends and neighbors, or better yet, invite them over for a Christmas tea this year! Our boys love these, and I think they're pretty great, too, especially alongside a homemade pumpkin spice latte! Here's the handy … [Read more...]

Holiday Appetizer: Hot Crab Dip

crab dip

  By Contributing Writer, Daniele Evans Instead of eating one big meal for a special birthday or even a holiday, sometimes, we eat an assortment of appetizers instead. I know, that's a little different! But finger foods, dips, and just miniature foods in general are right up my family's alley. It's an easy way to try out multiple recipes, and if one doesn't seem to go over … [Read more...]

Christmas Peppermint Chocolates – 3 Ingredients!

Christmas Peppermint Chocolates - 3 Ingredients

by Contributing Writer, Sarah Outlaw I have a confession to make. Christmas makes me hyperventilate. Not the true meaning of Christmas which is the incredible birth of Jesus Christ, but the commercialized version with a million gifts, inflated prices and must-have toys. My love language is not gifts. "Gifts" doesn't even register on my love language radar! I am terrible at knowing what to … [Read more...]

Spreading Christmas Cheer with Cookies

Spreading Christmas Cheer with Cookies

By Contributing Writer, Hilary Kimes Bernstein   Trying to think of a creative and delicious Christmas dessert? Look no farther than Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies are great because: Most are easy to make. You can bake Christmas cookies (and be finished with dessert prep!) far in advance – simply freeze your freshly baked cookies. Christmas cookies can look very … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cake Loaf

003 (800x533)

This pumpkin cake loaf is so moist and yummy!  Add a few walnuts if you prefer, and either way, DELISH! This recipe calls for half a can of pumpkin.  If you're like me, you'll want to use the rest of that pumpkin, so either double this recipe and give a loaf as a gift to a friend, OR make a batch of pumpkin spice pancakes! Here's the canned pumpkin that I use. *When you purchase … [Read more...]