December 15, 2017

Menu Plan 4/21/14 {and Our Easter Weekend}


What a weekend!  I spent Good Friday morning in surgery, then came home and rested […]

HoneyBaked Ham is Awesome!


*This is a sponsored post, and when I was asked to share about HoneyBaked Ham […]

Menu Plan 4/7/14


This week, I will continue working on organizing boys’ rooms and reorganizing our schoolroom, as […]

Big Family Food

Wow, this project has been a long time in the making.  A dream of mine […]

Menu Plan 3/24/14 {and a Peek at the Week}

Happy Spring, yall!  Isn’t the sunshine and fresh air glorious? This week, I know I […]

Menu Plan 3/17/14

Another Monday has arrived, and after a wonderful Spring Break, we’re back to the books […]

Embracing Cooking for Allergies

This month, we’ve begun focusing on embracing our family, our home, and even the circumstances […]

Menu Plan 3/3/14 {Plus Coupons!}

Wow, we’re frozen again here in Texas, yall! Saturday, we were in shorts and flip-flops, […]

How to Make Popcorn without a Microwave

I know. Fifty years ago, this blogpost would be entirely unnecessary.  But then again, cyberworld […]

Menu Plan and Peek at the Week 2/24/14

With such a refreshing, wonderful weekend behind me, I’m ready to take on the week […]