April 23, 2014

Menu Plan 4/21/14 {and Our Easter Weekend}

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What a weekend!  I spent Good Friday morning in surgery, then came home and rested the remainder of the day with  my family.  I felt well enough Saturday to go to my sister's house where we let our kids color eggs and play outside in the gorgeous spring sunshine!  The fresh air and rays felt great, but I tired quickly.  Once home again with all the boys and their colored fingers, I rested, … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 4/7/14

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This week, I will continue working on organizing boys' rooms and reorganizing our schoolroom, as well as planning for a very busy month, including a surgery for me that I am not looking forward to. Oh, and cooking a little...  Here's what's on the  menu this week: Breakfast *served with fruit cinnamon oatmeal banana muffins cinnamon … [Read more...]

Big Family Food


Wow, this project has been a long time in the making.  A dream of mine it's been to offer a food site where good, home-cooking recipes abound.  A place where busy moms can click around, create a menu, print a grocery list, and maybe even grab a few coupons to help make their grocery shopping trip a bit less work, and a little more fun. I've been quiet here at The Marathon Mom lately, and for … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 3/24/14 {and a Peek at the Week}

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Happy Spring, yall!  Isn't the sunshine and fresh air glorious? This week, I know I am among the many moms who are up to a little spring cleaning around the house.  I'll be working on organizing boys' rooms.  I know...When am I not doing that, right?  I'll share more about how I gave up my office so that our oldest two boys could have their own rooms.  While there's no closet in the new … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 3/17/14

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Another Monday has arrived, and after a wonderful Spring Break, we're back to the books this week.  And of course, I am back to menu planning! Can I just tell you that I love routine?  Not so much a hard schedule, but routine...predictability...I like it.  Menu planning helps me avoid the dreaded "what are we going to eat" crisis at 5:00 every day.  It helps me get all my shopping done in … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 3/3/14 {Plus Coupons!}

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Wow, we're frozen again here in Texas, yall! Saturday, we were in shorts and flip-flops, and Sunday, we were bundled up indoors watching the sleet and freezing rain hit the windows.  WOW! It still surprises me how quickly Texas weather can change, but I'm telling you, I'm a Texas girl! So I'm not complaining.  And you know what the cold weather does to me?  Or is it the fact that I'm … [Read more...]

Menu Plan and Peek at the Week 2/24/14

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With such a refreshing, wonderful weekend behind me, I'm ready to take on the week with renewed energy. I'm looking forward to some of the new things that I've implemented within our homeschool week like our Wednesday library visit.  I used to take our boys to the library all the time when we had only a few kiddos, but as our family grew and logistics and double strollers proved more of a … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 2/17/14 and a New Money Saving Grocery App!

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It's a beautiful sunshiny day here, and it's so refreshing!  I'm getting so ready for spring, yall!  It's a bit too early to begin planting my small garden, but I can hardly wait to get those cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, and zucchini planted for the season. Some day I hope to have a full garden full of berries, lettuces, beans, corn, okra, and so much more.  But until then, I'll keep buying … [Read more...]

Menu Plan: A Week of Crock-Pot Meals

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This week I am taking it easy in the kitchen and utilizing my Crock-Pot® for dinner every night! Here's what's on the menu for this week: Breakfast *served with fruit pancakes super smoothies biscuits and honey eggs and bacon cereal Lunch leftovers quesadillas peanut butter and honey sandwiches See Easy, Healthy Lunch List Easy Crock-Pot Dinners Mexican … [Read more...]

Menu Plan 1/13/14 (and Projects I’m Working On)

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Oh my goodness, yall, January is already flying! Is it just me? It might be because I have a lot planned for this month.  I am not quite sure how it all got on the calendar for this month, but it did, and I am happy to be participating in some really fun stuff like... a Twitter chat with The Happy Housewife about homeschooling boys on January 16,  2 PM, CST.  Don't miss this fun … [Read more...]