December 12, 2017

Our Gluten-Free Menu Plan 7/13/15

gluten free menu

We’ve tinkered a few times with a gluten-free menu at our house.  Once for a […]

Menu Plan 7/6/2015

The Homecooked Menu Plan |

  Feeding our families is about so much more than just getting something onto the […]

Menu Plan 12/1/14

Simple, Homemade Waffles |

Oh, it’s getting cold again!!!  This week, I’m making soups galore for dinner! Is there […]

Menu Plan 11/17/14


Oh, winter, how I’ve come to truly love thee. No really.  I used to not […]

Menu Plan 11/10/14

vegetable beef stew

What!?!  A menu plan?  Yes, I know.  They’ve been scarce around here lately.  I wish […]

Menu Plan 10/6/14


Happy Monday! I’m always glad for the weekend to be here, and then I’m always […]

Getting Dinner on the Table: Overcoming the Top 5 Obstacles

chaos hour fb quote

As moms we have a lot of job descriptions.  And whether you’re a brand new […]

Menu Plan 9/22/14

Popcorn! |

I have a few sick kiddos around here this week.  It started on the weekend […]

Menu Plan 7/21/14 {And Important Upcoming News!}

vegetable beef stew

I have a lot to share with you all this week.  As a matter of […]

Menu Plan 7/7/14 {and Coupons!}

mex chicken soup

What a busy summer it is!  This week I have major classes and appointments every […]