September 25, 2017

3 Common Essential Oils and How to Use Them

Lavender My most favorite bath of all is simply hot water plus 20 drops lavender […]

Essential Oils: Getting Started

Essential oils are one of the easiest natural remedies to use, and if you’re looking […]

Preparing for Birth: Daily Vitamins and Herbal Supplements for Group B Strep Prevention

In addition to a daily multi-vitamin that includes DHA, I take Magnesium and Calcium supplements […]

Preparing for Birth: Drinking Water

It’s funny to me that something as simple as drinking water can be so important.  […]

Preparing for Birth: Raspberry Leaf Tea

My midwife recommends drinking one cup daily for the first trimester.  Then two cups daily […]

Preparing for Birth: My Countdown to Baby

I thought it would be fun to share my countdown of the last few weeks […]

Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of year again.  The season that many moms dread for their families […]

Green Tea

Boost Your Immune System with Green Tea Green tea has been used for centuries for […]

Fighting Illness Naturally

I thought I had escaped.  Yesterday was the last day of February and I thought […]