April 20, 2014

Evaluating Team Sports: Should Large Families Participate?


You may have gathered by now that football season has rocked our world around here lately.  It seems that our life has started to revolve around it.  Between practices, more practices, film night, and out-of-state games, it's begun to dictate our entire family schedule. Can I just tell you that I have nothing against the sport of football itself? Whew.  Now that that's out of the way, I can … [Read more...]

Summer Fitness for Kids

Fitness Featured Image

This summer, some of our older boys are participating in their very first triathlon. In preparation, they're running (more than normal). And they're biking (especially through sprinklers). And...they're swimming..... or...playing in the pool....throwing the football with their daddy in the pool....and counting how many flips they can do underwater in the pool..... To find more … [Read more...]

MRSA: A Real Monster Every Mother Should Know About

Hayden got a spider bite several summers ago.  It had to be a spider bite, because we didn't recognize it as anything else we'd ever really seen on our kids before.  And after all, he'd been sitting on the grass in the backyard playing in the water. The "spider bite" grew.  It got red, SWOLLEN, feverish, and NASTY!  We found ourselves at the doctor's office where we were told that it … [Read more...]