October 18, 2017

A Family in Need of Prayer

Dear Fellow Marathon Moms, A friend of mine had her baby, a sweet, precious baby […]

Landen’s Latest Bilirubin Count

Okay, so they just called and told me his bilirubin is still 12….That’s what it […]

Ready to Be Back Together

We’re still at the hospital.  Landen’s bilirubin hasn’t climbed since yesterday and at the last […]

Bonding by Separation

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I believe this can be true, especially […]

Enjoying the Scenery

All week long, I work.  I mean I really work. Not to give myself a […]

The Importance of Slowing the Pace: Energy Conservation for Mothers

It’s not rocket science, the fact that an actual marathon runner slows their pace and […]

A Chapter in our Lives: Lessons from 2009

This story actually began in 2008, and lasted well into this year. More challenges and […]

3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (before homeschooling/descheduling)

February 27, 2008    no one wants to get out of the car and go […]

The Ironies of Motherhood

August 12, 2008  (another oldie I dug up…) I am often intrigued by the ironies […]