April 18, 2014

When Motherhood Is Only Hard All the Time

When Motherhood is Only Hard All the Time | TheMarathonMom.com

You push the laundry room door open as wide as it can go while stepping over the mound to reach the machines.  "Don't come in here," you tell your little ones, but they follow you into the room, climbing onto the pile behind you.  With arms loaded down with hot, clean clothes from the dryer, you turn around to find you're trapped in the laundry room with a toddler and a preschooler who've shut … [Read more...]

Making Home a Haven: It’s a Priority


I was almost completely absent from this blog last week.  Well, with the minor exceptions of the delicious plum jam and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie pie recipes that I shared.  You may realize by now that I can often share recipes because, after all, I do cook every day, and also because they're fun for me and require little to no deep thinking. Making Home a Haven Has to Be a … [Read more...]

How a Mom of Many Keeps Her Sanity


By Contributing Writer, Candace Sabo As a mom of many, other moms are always curious as to how I keep my sanity with so many children.  But the truth is, whether you're a mom to one, two, or ten, we will all face moments when we feel like we could very well lose our sanity! As my friend Vicki says, "If you have two children, God gives you what you need to handle those two.  If you have … [Read more...]

Last Week(s) of School

Two stacks of books next to each other

 Dear Diary of a Homeschool Mom, I'm sure I am not the only one.  I know for a fact, I'm not. Along with countless other mothers, in spite of our best efforts, I'm confronted by the fact that I am at the end of the "school year", but not at the end of the school books. Big sigh. I have my options. Like other moms, I will consider pushing the boys HARD to finish every page of … [Read more...]

Thoughts this Thursday…

Here's the run-down of current events over here at the school of boys....or....my three ring circus....or....our house. Levi sometimes forgets ENTIRELY that WE are potty training him.  My sweet tea was spilled in the schoolroom floor this morning. I love my sweet tea. I love the boy who spilled it. Drew likes to do approximately 57 pages worth of "schoolwork" every day.  I can hang … [Read more...]

First Week of School

Dear Homeschool Diary of a Sleep-Deprived Mother of Seven Boys, This week we started our new "school year".  Complete with new books and software, play-doh and markers, we had all the essentials lined up to make it a successful year.  Undaunted, Tuesday morning, I woke up, hit the ground running, and set out to teach my 7th grader some pre-algebra, my 4th grader a little something about … [Read more...]