December 17, 2017

Childbirth in America: The Learning Curve

(Drew – nine pounds five ounces, born at home) Over the course of this pregnancy, I’ve […]

Getting Ready for Our Seventh Baby Boy

Expecting my seventh baby any time now (really end of June/first of July), I can […]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift: Levi’s Birth Story

Today is Levi’s second birthday!!  I cannot imagine my life without this ray of sunshine.  […]

Getting Ready for Our Latest Addition: DIAPERS!

I have so much to do before Landen’s arrival in just a few weeks. I […]

Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes/Glucose Intolerance

With my first two babies, I failed the one hour glucose tolerance test, so I […]

Proof of Life

Pregnancy is fun and adventurous and miraculous. It never gets old. To get to take […]

All in Fun…..

I would so much rather make a video instead of writing this, and maybe I […]