November 20, 2017

When Dreams Become Reality: A Little Announcement

land 2

  All my life, I have dreamed of living surrounded by nature.  Especially as a […]

Happy New Year! {and Meet Our Newest Family Member!}

Dax and Magnum

Happy New Year to you and yours! Our family has enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season, […]

My Favorite Diapers: The Honest Company


Before Malachi was born, I made the decision to try a diaper delivery service.  In […]

You Don’t Have to Baby-Wear to Be a Good Mom

I keep seeing it.  The chatter and praise for baby-wearing.  To the point of obsession […]

4 Things I’m Learning In My Quest to Raise Grateful Kids

Grateful Kids

by Kristen Welch I’ve discovered the secret to raising grateful kids in an entitled world. […]

Happy New Year! {And Looking Ahead to Intentional Health!}

Hello, friends!  And Happy New Year! It’s 2016!! I can’t say 2015 flew by.  It […]

Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit 2016

Winter Summit FB banner

  Today we just finished out the last official day for school and our winter […]

Why Moms Need to Stress Less and Enjoy Their Kids More

moms stress less

Our sweet ninth baby boy is approaching his first birthday. I’ve been a blogger long […]

Finish Your Dishes with Finish! {Giveaway!}

Finish Dishes

As a busy family of eleven, of course we do a lot of dishes around […]

When You’re Just Beginning to Work Out {Again}

  We all do it.  For various reasons, we get on the boat, and off […]