April 19, 2014

What Moms Need: Week 26 – Time


image credit We don't think about how much we need time, as moms.  We don't think about it because we're too busy living, too busy planning, too busy dreaming, too busy worrying....and all those other things that moms do. And we rarely stop and think....or let alone, have the conversation.....that moms sometimes need to reflect on the fact that there's a season for everything.  There is a … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 25 – Courage

earth hands

Last week, the topic was strength.  Moms definitely need strength to keep up the pace of the marathon of motherhood.  They need strength to face each new day, and they need courage, too.  They need strength to carry on, and they need courage to face the future. The Old Testament is packed full of Scriptures of the Lord telling people to "be strong and courageous."  To have no fear.  To not … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 24 – Strength


Some days it takes more strength than others to be a mom.  And moms need strength of all kinds. For sure, physical strength, for the lifting and carrying of little ones.  For the helping of teenage boys with broken legs from football injuries into the van.  For doing three loads of dishes a day, in spite of an enormous belly that is putting extra strain on a mama's back. And moms need … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 23 – Peace


How could she have known? How could Mary have had any idea what was being entrusted to her?  How could she have had any peace, not knowing what the future held? Not understanding the situation thoroughly.  Not knowing what she was going to go through. A baby does change everything. A turbulent pregnancy, a hard labor, and sometimes a painful delivery later, a baby is placed on a … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 22 – Self-Control


image credit Oh no.  The topic none of us want to discuss.  The topic we all know (even if secretly) we need. Self-control. Sure, I have patience most days.  Sure, I'm gentle.  Yes, of course, as a mom, I'm loving. For a time. But what about those hard days?  The days when the house is crazy and chaotic  and the kids are running around like it's a circus and you can barely … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 21 – Balance


I'm guilty of both - trying to do too many things at once, and focusing on too little to keep things in balance. I waver between trying to do it all and be it all, and then (often due to burnout from said behavior) resort to not doing enough of a variety to keep our family in a nice balance. Moms need balance. For the sake of their sanity.  For the sake of their homes.  For the sake of … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 20 – Leadership

hand up

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed as a mother that you don't even know what it is that you need? Are you ever so lost, tired, buried underneath the stuff of life with all its complexities that you can't even think of where to start, how to begin to climb out? As a mom, do you ever just feel like you need a hand UP? Throughout the journey of motherhood, there are often seasons in which … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 19 – Grace


It's morning.  Another night has sung its song.  Soft and low, almost inaudible at times.  Loud and too long, at others, as my churning heart cannot still, cannot submit to the hush, cannot embrace rest. I wake, still tired.  Fluff my pillow and sit up.  I'll take just a few minutes and pray.  Reset my mind before the day even starts.  And I can almost see from my bed, that kitchen sink. … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 18 – Order

fall mantle

You may not notice how much you appreciate it as a mother until it's missing from your home. So many blessings both stem from and blossom into order in the home. Things that cause order in the home: discipline -  Is your husband the leader in your home?  Are you disciplined yourself?  By that I mean, do you regularly tend to the things that you know you need to do to function optimally? … [Read more...]

What Moms Need: Week 17 – Fun


photo credit God desires for His children to be diligent stewards, for sure.  But He also wants us to enjoy our lives. If you have recently found yourself disgruntled with your work as soon as you wake up in the morning short-tempered with your children no longer enjoying things you used to fussing about soccer games instead of relaxing and enjoying the breeze resenting your … [Read more...]