November 20, 2017

Big Announcement and Why I Need Your Help

I’ve been keeping a little secret, and it’s time to just say it. No, we’re […]

A Letter From the Mission Field

By Contributing Writer, Candace Sabo Today was a long, hard day.  There is much work […]

Jesus Loves

httpv:// Last week, we packed our entire family into the big, white van, and in […]

Why We Don’t Allow Our Children to Say They’re Starving

It’s not uncommon to hear people use the expression, “I’m starving!” as dinner time approaches […]

Scents for Swaziland

Have you discovered Scentsy? I hadn’t until just recently, and of course, I wish I […]

If you could help, would you?

I complain that my children knock the folded laundry, piled high, off our leather sofa. […]

To Pick a Card

We’d been friends for a lifetime, it seemed.  And although our friendship definitely wasn’t ending, […]