April 23, 2014

Big Announcement and Why I Need Your Help

team heart swaziland

I've been keeping a little secret, and it's time to just say it. No, we're not expecting our ninth son. It's been on my life achievement list for quite some time to run a marathon.  I point out the parallels of running a marathon and motherhood here all the time, and the time has come to actually train for the real-life running event.     I've put it off long enough … [Read more...]

A Letter From the Mission Field

Mission Field

By Contributing Writer, Candace Sabo Today was a long, hard day.  There is much work to be done here among the natives.  Each day brings a little progress, but then some days, it feels like we're getting nowhere. I'm tired.  And I'm trying not to grow weary in doing good. But the long, laborious days remind me that I can do none of this in my own strength.  Things are messy here, and … [Read more...]

Jesus Loves


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d51U1WLGp5g&feature=youtube_gdata_player Last week, we packed our entire family into the big, white van, and in the pouring rain, made a short drive to a school where our two oldest boys may attend next year. It's a school we've known and loved for many years.  It's the school where our oldest son went for Kindergarten through third grade - a private … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Allow Our Children to Say They’re Starving

swazi kids

It's not uncommon to hear people use the expression, "I'm starving!" as dinner time approaches and growling tummies await food that they can smell from the kitchen. I said it my whole life.  My husband used to say it.  We used to hear our own children say it. But that changed a few years ago when my husband came back from a mission trip to Swaziland.  He hadn't been back long when one of … [Read more...]

Scents for Swaziland

scentsy warmer

Have you discovered Scentsy? I hadn't until just recently, and of course, I wish I had given in sooner. Our whole house smells fall and festive, thanks to my sister who gave me my first Scentsy warmer as a gift for my 36th birthday.  The one she picked for me is  beautiful, and is called Nature's Haven.  You can see it by clicking here. Why am I telling you about my newest fun, … [Read more...]

If you could help, would you?

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I complain that my children knock the folded laundry, piled high, off our leather sofa. I fuss that 77 is not quite cool enough for me indoors since I'm hormonal and pregnant. I get irritated if the water takes too long to heat, that football practice interferes with my cooking, and I am sometimes very cranky if the baby catches a cold. On Saturdays, I give myself a pep talk before walking into … [Read more...]

To Pick a Card

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We'd been friends for a lifetime, it seemed.  And although our friendship definitely wasn't ending, it hurt my heart that we wouldn't be growing old with these people.  We would never be working alongside them again, raising our kids together, crying, laughing, eating, praying together.  At least not physically, anyway.  I found myself on the greeting card aisle.  Lost.  … [Read more...]