November 24, 2017

Called to Battle

The Life of Female Field Intelligence Combat Soldiers

By Guest Writer Sarah at Mama Sweet Pea

My life is busy. I am a typical home school mom with 7 children. (If there ever was such a thing.)

My husband and I have always wanted to be obedient to God’s will for our lives.  We were obedient with allowing him to decide the size of our family. We were obedient to home school.  We really thought we had things figured out.

Then when my husband was 30, we were given news that made us question it all.  The love of my life was diagnosed with Early-Onset Parkinson’s disease!  We knew something was going on for quite some time.  Now, it was official. Cemented into course. One which we had no control over.  What is worse is now we had a name.  This gave us the option of looking into the future, and viewing the harsh reality of what we were facing.

Now I will admit, my first cries to God were “Why me? Why us?”  You see we had been so obedient. We were always trying to obey.  Now this!  Where is the favor? Where is the protection of being in His will?  At first these were the questions that swirled in my mind.

That was until I put things into perspective.  You see before I embraced my true calling as a wife and mother I was a soldier.  A woman soldier at that.  I knew one important thing.  If your commander thinks you are too weak to accomplish the objectives, you will be back in the rear loading ammo for the front line. Yes, it’s true.  However, when you are placed in the trenches on the front it is because you have proven that you can follow the battle plan and obey.  That’s what any good commander needs to win a war.

You see I was a soldier moved to the front lines with bullets whizzing past my head, cowered down in the corner crying out to my commander.  “Why me? Why did you bring me to this harsh place? I always tried to obey and be a good soldier. Why?”  Like in any good war move the officer says, “Get a hold of yourself!”  “Yes, you always did try to obey.  That is why I brought you here.  All those things were practice for this. The real battle.  Now get up and do this just like we practiced.”  I was being called to courage not fear.  I was being set out to accomplish a task that no one else could do.  I made the mistake of looking through the eyes of a civilian, not a warrior.  I saw this as a sign that I/we were being punished.  It simply was not true.

We face each day with the understanding that we may not end up having another like it.  This time is the best functioning time that we may get.  When you look at it that way, little problems don’t seem so big.  Like a spilled cup of coffee, or a tremoring man sloshing egg on the stove top as he lovingly tries to make breakfast.

I just want to encourage you. Don’t stand in the back and load the truck for the front. No guts, no Glory!  In the face of whatever you may be going through….  It may just be a long pregnancy, a messy house that you can’t get the grips on, improving your family’s diet. Or perhaps it is just plain being overwhelmed.  Look at yourself as the warrior that heads the charge.  Take a moment to pray and put one foot in front of the other.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9


  1. Wonderful message and post. Thank you.

  2. Wow. This is an incredible post. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  3. Nikki Speck says:

    AMAZING! Thank you!

  4. I agree god nevers gives us something we can not battle.

  5. So beautifully put. Thank you.

  6. Kathy Stevens says:

    Thank you for a wonderful, refreshing perspective!

  7. Thanks, I needed your perspective. I only have five boys, a husband and four sons. My husband lives aboard a boat 3 weeks out of a month. Life is a battle. I am a warrior. Sometimes in need of just packing ammo, but God has called me to the front lines. Again, God blessed me with your perspective. Maybe I’ll print this and read it everyday until it it sinks in:)

  8. I absolutely LOVE this post. What a fabulous analogy, and I’m so grateful you’ve shared it. Thanks!!

  9. Alexandria says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I don’t usually post comments but when I read you post I immediately thought of Dr. Thomas Cowan who works out of San Francisco (and does phone consultations). I know I’ve read articles of his in which he’s mentioned simple things that can be done that can make a big difference in Parkinson’s Disease. Just a thought, I’d hate for your husband’s disease to get worse if simple changes could make a big difference. Anyway, great post — I will say a prayer for you and your family that you get the help and strength you need to get through this!

  10. Wonderful message! May God keep you strong for the battle. Being God’s warrior is his highest calling, I salute you and will pray for your wonderful family.

  11. Stay at home mom, fulltime online student, bipolar husband, stuggling weight loss, trying healthier foods, forgetting devotions, and a whole lot more…. I often wonder what purpose God has for me and why I have all these things in my life that I struggle with. I love the passage from Joshua. Thank you for this blessed post!

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