November 23, 2017

Bolder Band Headbands are Awesome! {and a Giveaway!}


Bolder Band headbands are awesome!  I have a teal one, a pink one, and of course this black one that I wore in the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.

They’re right when they say their headbands stay put so you don’t have to!  They’re perfect for running long distances because they keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes.  In colder temperatures, I have pulled mine down over my ears and they’ve stayed warm.

If you are a mom who works out and you’ve ever had to constantly stop and pull your hair back up into a ponytail, you will love these headbands!

I’m pleased to include Bolder Band headbands in this 25 Days of Christmas giveaway.  Wouldn’t you love to have one or to win one for a friend?

Five lucky winners will be randomly chosen.  Enter to win using the Rafflecopter box below.

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  1. Never tried this!

  2. MEAGAN COOPER says:

    I have an under armour one that does NOT stay put, haven’t worn it in years. I also have a Brady band that does work. Love it.

  3. ra thompson says:

    a good headband that will stay on your head is essential for anybody that has ‘hair’!!…these sound great..

  4. I use a headband when I run, but it’s more for keeping my ears warm in winter. I would love to try one that’s meant to keep hair and sweat out of my eyes.

  5. I am a runner, but I have never used a Bolder band. Looks great though! I would definitely use one if I had one. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth S says:

    I have not tried these but they look really useful!

  7. I have never tried it but it looks great!

  8. I never tried a headband like this before. I would love to though!

  9. Would love to try these!!

  10. Very cute headband! It looks comfortable and high-quality, which is super important!

  11. Valerie Reeder says:

    The headband looks like a great idea!

  12. I would love to try these!

  13. I admired your headband in your post last week! Yes, I do the re-do ponytail thing. This would be great!

  14. Never tried one like this but I desperately need to! So excited to try these out!

  15. Katie Roberts says:

    I’d love this! My little fly away hairs are always in my face.

  16. I have long, thick wavy hair. No matter what ponytail holder I use, it’s just not effective enough to keep my hair in place once I start moving. I can’t stand to feel hair whipping across my face, especially once I’m warmed and sweaty. I’m definitely interested in this idea!

  17. Leslie MP says:

    No…never but I need one.

  18. Ashley Mojica says:

    No, I would love to try one!

  19. I am a pony tail mom for sure, and it can be quite the pain to have to re do your hair while running, either in a race or after kids:). These sound wonderful for both sweat and warmth!

  20. I’ve tried a bunch of hairbands for running but none of them worked very well. I’d love to try this! It would eliminate my wearing the same hat day after day 🙂

  21. I have never tried this headband but would love to!

  22. Erin Kell says:

    I would love to try these headbands. Thanks.

  23. Sounds great! I’m always looking for new ways to keep my bangs out of my eyes and from tickling my cheeks. I’d like to try this. =D

  24. Rayana Benson says:

    no, but I want to…

  25. This one looks like it might actually work! I gave up on the elastic band ones.

  26. Looks great!!! would love to try this head band!

  27. Kelly Clarke says:

    Always looking for a way to keep sweat out of my eyes without looking like a goober. This looks great!

  28. I have not tried a head band like this. I would like too.

  29. Would love to try this!

  30. I’ve never tried this.

  31. This looks awesome! I just bought one on their website. I am so sick of putting 3-4 bobby pins to hold down my fly-aways and keep the hair our of my eyes during a workout!

  32. Never tried one, but I would love to!

  33. My current headband I use to keep my ears warm doesn’t stay in place anymore. One of these would be perfect to keep my ears warm in our mild southern winters!

  34. I like to wear headbands to keep my ears warm.

  35. Christine van lake says:

    I have not yet wen any headbands, looking to start though

  36. I have tried the Bondi Bands before and I really liked it!

  37. Never tried!!

  38. Michelle Devine says:

    I have never tried before!

  39. I would love to try Bolder Band Headbands.

  40. I’ve never used one like that! When I run, I have this thick warm headband from WalMart. Lol

  41. These are great! I have one in the bw chevron and it stays put! I often often resorted to hats to keep my hair back and off my face, but with this there is no need for a hat. And they are made in the US! Great local company (I live in CO).

  42. Looks so practical – and cute!

  43. I would LOVE to win one of these!!

  44. jessica langston says:

    Not this brand…but I have one from fellow flowers I love!

  45. Never have tried a headband like this. It looks like it works really well!

  46. Danielle Randall says:

    I love my Bolder Band Headbands to work out in. Love the fact that they expand too!

  47. I am sitting here in the early morning, wiping the sweat away from my face after a great workout! Sure could use one of these headbands right about now! 😉

  48. I have not tried this but I am intrigued. I have trouble with regular headbands. Most give me a headache. Would love to try this one! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  49. Melissa leggett says:

    I’d love one! Never have tried these.

  50. Nope, but it looks awesome! I have a skinny one and it is always sliding off.

  51. No, I haven’t tried them, but they sure sound useful 🙂

  52. I have some thinner ones would love to try a different style

  53. I have never worn them, but am very interested in trying them out.

  54. Would love to try.

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