November 24, 2017

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins |

There are so many recipes for blueberry muffins floating around out there.  I experimented with a few and ended up doing what I always do….modifying my favorite recipe.  The boys love it, and I think it’s pretty good, too.

Blueberry Muffins |
This is one of those recipes where my kids helped me decide what to do to make it work for us.  The first time I made it, I used two cups of blueberries, which might be good for some folks, but was too much for us.  It also can be made with just one cup of sugar, too, but since I reduced the amount of blueberries, I added a bit more sugar.  You can experiment with these two and  decide what you like best.

Blueberry Muffins |

Either way….yummy muffins!!

For the recipe for the banana muffins you see in the photos, click here.


  1. That made me smile. I had several of those little dolls. Ah, memories!

  2. I’m like Angela! This made me smile, too. So many memories… including smells! I loved those dolls. I also like these muffins! I like that they have that crusty top, yet are so moist inside. yummo! Do me a favor – I know the kids will think that this is a good idea, too- put some sugar on top!!

  3. I had to make these now! Yummy 🙂 thanks

  4. These are amazing!! I used 2 TBSP of Turbinado sugar on the top and they were SO yummy! This recipe is a definite keeper! Thank you:-)

  5. Just made these & they were DELICIOUS! I modified it a teeny bit to accommodate my available ingredients & I think they were perfect! I used only 1 cup of sugar instead of 1 1/4, and I used a 10 oz. package of frozen blueberries, which Google informs me is technically only about 1 1/4 cups. I also sprinkled Turbinado sugar over the tops like Laura did. I also got the fun surprise of the muffin batter turning a lovely shade of purple from the juice of the blueberries… extra fun if you have little girls at home 🙂 Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  6. About how many muffins did you all get from this batch? Do I double or triple? 🙂

  7. I made a double batch of these this morning in preparation for my new baby due next month. They were delicious! My 1 year old and I gobbled up 4 right after they came out of the oven. So good!

  8. If you use frozen blueberries do you need to thaw the blueberries before you add them or can you just add them frozen?


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