November 20, 2017

Big Family Food

Big Family Food

Wow, this project has been a long time in the making.  A dream of mine it’s been to offer a food site where good, home-cooking recipes abound.  A place where busy moms can click around, create a menu, print a grocery list, and maybe even grab a few coupons to help make their grocery shopping trip a bit less work, and a little more fun.

I’ve been quiet here at The Marathon Mom lately, and for good reason.  Yes, busy with my family, and upcoming eBooks, but getting this food site ready takes more time, planning, and effort than I originally anticipated.  We’re fixing up a few last things for you now in hopes that it will be a real blessing to families everywhere.

You know family meals are more than just food.  Gathering around the table together is much more than just nourishment for our bodies.

There is WAY more going at the dinner table than just consuming what Mama cooked!

Have you heard the statistics on families who eat dinner together regularly?  I won’t quote a number, because as soon as I do, that percentage will surely change, but suffice it to say that families who eat together are raising children who get into less trouble, do better in school, are emotionally healthier, and have better relationships with their parents than families who shrug off dinner as just another thing.

The heart of is to bring families together at the dinner table. Maybe it won’t always be a dinner for your house.  Maybe it’s breakfast.  And on the rare occasion, maybe both parents and all the children are at home for lunch, and that’s great, too!  My vision behind this site is to help moms get delicious, nutritious meals onto the table for the gathering.  For the conversation. The heart talks.  The mending.  The teaching.

Sure, preparing food is work.  But it’s an act of love and service for those we love.  It should be our joy and privilege.  And for most of us, it would be all the time if it weren’t so difficult to pull it all together ahead of time.

Big Family Food

So Big Family Food, we hope, will help you do just that.

Because at Big Family Food, we’re

big on family,

big on food,

and big on flavor!

Big Family Food

Won’t you join us as we bring exciting new recipes, kitchen tips and tutorials, and handy tools to help you and other moms just like you?

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  1. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    This is so exciting!! This is a huge passion of mine and I hope to someday be involved in something just like it! Will you still be vsharing your menu plans?

  2. I have eight children and love this idea. I think families with many members need something for their special needs. I can’t just double a recipe so I can have leftovers for lunch. I’m lucky if doubling a recipe makes enough for a meal. 🙂

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