April 1, 2015

Banana Nut Bread {a bread machine recipe}

Banana Nut Bread | TheMarathonMom.com

Years ago, before I started making bread regularly from scratch, and after many failed attempts at trying to make fresh bread (of any kind), I decided I needed the modern convention called a bread maker.

If you don’t have one, it’s basically a big metal box that does all the work for you.  You dump all ingredients for the bread recipe into a special bread pan and push some buttons and a couple hours later, you have a perfect loaf of bread.

I tried a few different recipes over the years in my neat little machine, but there was one that was the shining star.

This bread recipe took the cake.

Banana Nut Bread!

It blew all other banana nut breads out of the water.  By far.  The very best banana nut bread I had/have ever eaten in my entire life.

While logic tells me it’s probably the ingredient list and that I could probably bake it in my oven if I so desired, I’ve never tried.  I dare not deviate from the recipe, the pan, or the machine.  It’s just that good.  I don’t use my bread machine for any other bread except this one.  (So far….I am thinking a pumpkin walnut bread would be good in this, too.)

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  1. I made this today and it was SO yummy and easy. We had it for supper with potato soup. Hit the spot on a cold night here in Iowa. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. I made this today and it was so good! I have to admit it’s a little better than the recipe my Gramma used to make for me. However, the middle wasn’t quite done when I took it out. Do you think my ingredients were not room temp enough or it’s just my bread maker? I finished it in the oven and it was still great. I was just curious if you had any thoughts.

  3. I have a Cuisinart.

  4. I’ll try it again. It was pretty cool in our house, so maybe I will warm the butter a little more. I thought I’d try putting it on the dark setting for the crust. I used medium this time.

  5. I made this yesterday and it was the most delicious and moist banana bread I have ever made. I did substitute 1 cup of whole wheat flour for the white b/c I do that generally, and 1/3 cup brown sugar for white as I was low on white sugar. I also left out nuts b/c no one in my family is fond of nuts in baked goods. I was worried this might have a negative effect on the recipe, but it seemed to be fine. I have not had a positive experience using the quick bread setting on my older Breadman, so I just used the white bread setting, and it came out perfect. Though of course it took longer. So glad I found this recipe, thank you!

  6. Hi
    I tried this recipe twice today and both came out not done, the dough was still mushy on top, first time i tired on rapid and 2nd time on basic, not sure what i did wrong, i have a bread machine zojirushi. Please advise.

    • Hi Lian. It must be the machine. I have used my Cuisinart on the Quick Bread setting for many years and it always turns out perfect. I am sorry. I would advise to look at different settings on you machine. I know mine runs for at least two hours when I make it. Hope that helps.

  7. i made this and it wasnt quite done in the middle so my second time after it finished with the quick bread baking i switched it to the bake cycle for 20 mins and it was wonderful

  8. I dont have any buttermilk- do you have any ideas of what i can substitute for it?

  9. hi – i have that square cuisinart in the pic on this page, and this recipe looks like the recipe in the cuisinart book only larger loaf… however, my machine wont allow you to choose the loaf size or crust color when on quick bread setting?? so im worried that like others it will come out underdone… should i add time somehow after the quick bread setting is finished?? very excited to try tho… the other recipe i make in this machine is called “bagel bread” from allrecipes.com, doesnt taste like bagels but its the BEST white bread ive made in the machine.

  10. I buy dried buttermilk, in the baking isle and have buttermilk on hand all the time by just adding water. I plan on trying this recipe tomorrow thanks!

  11. Randy Gilmore says:

    Hi, Is this recipe for 1 1/2 lb loaf

  12. I was tickled to find that this used buttermilk because I was fresh out of milk (but had buttermilk? Go figure!). I too have the Breadman in the above pic & it came out absolutely perfectly on the default ‘quick bread’ settings (2lb, med crust)
    It came out soooo perfectly, in fact, that I just had to make a point of thanking you for THE BEST BANANA BREAD I HAVE EVER HAD!!! I do not say that lightly as I am a bit of a BB connesieur from waaaay back but THIS will be my go-to recipe from now on.

  13. I just realized that I did make a modification out of necessity. I get my eggs from my small flock of various bantam chickens who lay the cutest little eggs you ever did see…needless to say, I substituted 4 teeny bantam eggs for the 2 large that the recipe calls for. I probably could have gotten away with using 3 but didn’t wish to risk it.

  14. i have tried this recipe several times on quick and white settings. mine will cook for about 30 mins then fall. i have tested both the baking powder and the soda and both are good. i have an oster bread machine. it smells so good and i really want to make it. what could possibly be going wrong or what could i do differently. please help

  15. Hi thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to try it out in my brand new DeLonghi..
    Just a quick clarification – what’s the loaf size (2lbs?). Also, is the crust light/medium/dark?


  16. Mine came out no where near cooked :/ but smells divine. I have a Panasonic SD-YD250. I got it this past christmas, maybe it was user error…hee hee, I will have to try again

    • Oh no!! So sorry! Quick bread setting?

      • Brandy Would you think BAKE RIPED on my SD-YD250 Panasonic Bread machine would also mean QUICK ? It does mix,kneads,rises and automatically bakes it faster than the standard BAKE option.

        • Hi Paul. I am not sure about that setting since I have only used this one bread machine. :)

          • Thank you on your reply and I am going to look in to this setting with panasonic and if I get answers on the setting I will pass it on to all that have this Panasonic machine. I am hoping that Jullian that has this Panasonic Bread Machine SD-YD250 would let me know on the setting that she had usded after trying again that banana bread came out better or great

    • I also have a SD-YD250 and would like to bake a loaf of Brandy’s banana bread . Panasonic bread machine has a BAKE RAPID setting that does it all in a shorter time. Please let me know how it came out.

      • To answer your question about Bake Rapid, it shortens the time for the rising dough from 2 to 1 hour. Thus, reducing the total process time by one hour. Normal time to from start to finish in 4 hours with “rapid bake” start to finish is 3 hours.

        I’m trying the recipe right now and I believe I’m getting the same results as Jillian’s comments

        “Mine came out no where near cooked :/ but smells divine.”


        Yes, I can that this recipe will not work on Panasonic bread machine as currently formulated. The result is banana bread that is no way near cooked

        • Mahalo (Thank You) David on your reply, I had to bake the bread about a 1/2 hour longer and it came out a little dry but If you should get it right on this Bread Machine SD-YD250 I sure would lke to know the setting.


          • Hi Paul,

            I believe that the key to using this recipe is lowering the moisture content. Two ways in doing it would be 1) Reduce the recipe by a third or 2) lowering the amount of buttermilk used. Will keep you updated on my status. I’m going to try reducing the total recipe by a third first.

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