November 17, 2017

Bacon Egg and Cheese Mini-Quiche

I don’t claim to be a chef.

Because sometimes my food, while it tastes really good, is not all that pretty.

And I don’t claim to be a photographer.

Because sometimes my food is ugly and so are my pictures.

So you might guess there is no photo to go with this recipe.

Because the quiche….

were just….


Next time I will make them prettier.

And next time I will take a picture of  them BEFORE all eight of my men DEVOUR them.

Because, after all, they tasted good.

Here’s the skinny on the not-so-skinny mini quiche.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm.  Good.

Hug your babies,



  1. What a cute idea–to do them in a mini muffin pan!! All of my men LOVE bacon too.

    • What brand of pie crust are you using when you don’t make your own? My stores aren’t consistent with the brands they carry and I get a different result every time….

      • Hey Rachel! I usually just buy the Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust. They’re easy to just unroll and then cut out the shapes, etc. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    How many people or cupcakes does this recipe make? I’d like to do these for a shower and I will need enough for 30 people to eat. I love this idea!!

    • Brandy Ferguson says:

      It makes at least enough to fill the 24 cup mini-muffin pan…If you’re careful, you could probably stretch it to plenty more. 🙂

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