November 18, 2017

Announcing 42 Days to Fit {for Kindle!}

Last year, I shared my 42 Days to Fit real-life journey with you all, telling you how I lost the remainder of the 65 pounds I gained with my 8th pregnancy and shaped up.  So many of you participated and wrote emails and comments and even left encouraging success stories cheering each other on at Facebook.  I was blown away at the participation from so many moms who said (like me) they just needed to shape up and make a few healthy changes so they could get fit and stay fit….for life!

All too often, I think we forget, especially when we’re busy moms, that our own health is important, too.  We forget that if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we’re doing a disservice to not only ourselves, but our husbands and children, too. Remember – if we don’t take care of ourselves, WHO is going to take care of them!?!

42 Days to Fit is now an eBook!

It’s so important to me, for not only myself, but that I inspire you, too, that Stacy and Emma (from Real Fit Moms) and I have teamed up, pulling ALL the blogposts together that we wrote for that series PLUS additional, new BONUS material including running tips, recipes, menus, and more … and have put it all together into one concise eBook that is now available at Amazon for Kindle!

Many of you have written messages inquiring about the blogposts that were removed from this site in order to be in compliance with Amazon’s program for publishing, and the good news for you is that you can get the book now for your Kindle, or even borrow it for FREE!

If you don’t have a Kindle, and are unable to get the book at this time, don’t fret, because we’re working on a PDF download version that will be available for purchase in a few weeks!  Thanks for your patience as we work on this project that we hope is as big a blessing to you as it was to so many moms who have already participated and shared their amazing success stories.  If you are one of those moms, and you’d like to leave a book review, I invite you to do so by clicking this link, then clicking “create your own review”.  We appreciate you!

Have you gotten your copy yet?  Did you participate in the 42 Days Challenge or are you just getting ready to begin?



  1. I am so excited! I started with you last year on the 42-day challenge and I am still going. My weight is holding steady, and I am growing stronger and stronger as the months pass. When I began with you I decided I should give myself one year to “get into shape”. It only took the initial 6 weeks to lose the 14 pounds I wanted to shed, but I was not prepared for the obvious changes in fitness I could actually see that quickly as well. I am still giving myself fitness checks every six weeks and I continue to strengthen. I cannot imagine going back to life without exercise and an attentiveness to a good diet. And, to learn that there is now a book with all of the great things I learned and participated in all in a concise form – I am thrilled! Thank you so much for starting this last August. I had no idea when I began how much of a lasting impact it would have on me, but by God’s grace, as long as I am strong and healthy, I don’t ever plan to go back. God bless you all!


  2. Thanks so much for this book. I am starting this on Wed. This is going to be the start of my Lenten season. I am very excited and hopeful that I am going to lose weight and get healthy for my family. I am actually pretty excited to get started.

  3. Thank you for this book. I finished it today. I especially appreciated the recipes and menu plans you included in the book.

  4. Laurie N. says:

    I do not have a Kindle and am so glad to read that this will be coming out in PDF form. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book to help me get back into shape–especially before the summer begins!

  5. I’m into my second week, Brandy, and I am enjoying the changes I am seeing! I was able to download a Kindle app to my PC and download the book. I love it!

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