November 23, 2017

A Smaller Purse {For Keeping the Most Important Things the Most Important Things}


A Smaller Purse |

Last night I attended a really awesome class on essential oils for moms and babies.  I learned a ton, but I also had the privilege of spending time with one of my really good friends.

With no kids pulling on my purse.

Or digging in my purse.

Or telling me to put this or this or that in my purse.

I recently cleaned it out and it’s cracking me up how proud I am when I open it up to find my lip balm and I don’t have to dig around through all the stuff the kids shove into it.  It can get so heavy!  Seriously.  It can get quite full.  With the stuffing that the kids do and all…

So, this class was not about a smaller purse, the pink one I’d cleaned out and packed with only a few essential items that I need on a daily basis when on-the-go.  This post isn’t about a purse at all.  Except maybe it is.

See, I’m just a vessel.  A thing that can be filled, over-filled, stuffed with the things of life.  Busyness.  Appointments.  Schedules.  Freezer cooking agendas.  Books unfinished.  Menu plans forgotten.  To-do lists. Unfinished snack bags.  Trash, crayons, forgotten discount cards.  Remnants of yesterday, plans for tomorrow, essentials for today.  All mixed in a deep, wide mess.  And wading through it all to look for the one thing, boy, can it be a time waster.

Has it ever happened to you?  Have you ever needed that one thing in your purse?  That much needed Peace & Calming or Joy essential oil (eh hem) that you know is in there somewhere, but you can’t see past the slips of paper, the church bulletins, and the baggies of toddler snacks to find it?

And can’t our life look like that over-stuffed, messy purse?  Too busy to clean out the stuff of life, can’t our hearts and minds become cluttered to the point where we can’t get to the things which are most important?

What if we were able to exchange the big, over-sized purse of life filled to its brim with busyness…to flip all that stuff right out onto the floor…then sort through it and extract the most important – the highest priority things?  And what if we could pick out a newer, smaller purse that is perfectly suited for who we are, and to carry just the things we need to carry – just those essential items for doing those specific things we need to do each day?  What if we don’t need to carry a huge, heavy bag filled with so much stuff we don’t even remember what’s in it anymore?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’ve felt God sharpening my focus lately.  Again.  In a new way.

For years now, He’s gently reminded me of the top priorities:  God, my husband, my family and home, and then ministry, friends, and anything else.  In that order.

And somehow in my big ol’ purse, even in the new one that I promise I’ll keep neat and tidy and not ever over-fill, no- not this time….  Too much stuff – still – makes its way in, overstuffing, cluttering, disorganizing again.

And I’ve come to realize it’s just something you have to do.

The cleaning out of your purse routinely.

The clearing out of the busyness of life routinely.  Purging, prioritizing, keeping the most important things the most important things.

A smaller list.  A smaller purse.




Ministry, friendships, anything else.

And by the way, I found my Joy!

Is it time for you to get a smaller purse?

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  1. This is such a timely reminder, Brandy. We’re all skilled and overfilling. We need to be all about filtering and paring down.

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