November 23, 2017

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Our family has all but quit using traditional taco shells or tortillas for our tacos. So easy, and SO much healthier, lettuce leaves offer the perfect tool for serving the simplest or the most savory of fillings.

I like to use the crock pot to cook chicken during the day, and then use this simple method for shredding the chicken.

Tacos (or lettuce wraps in this case) are always a fun time, as each family member can customize their own any way they like it. You can make them different every time, adding guacamole or fresh pico de gallo. Or you can keep it simple by serving with black beans and a quick batch of quinoa.

Any way you plate it, these chicken tacos are sure to please.

To view full recipe, please click on over to The Happy Housewife where I’m sharing today.


  1. Very Nice! I also like “Chicken Lettuce Wraps” for the title. Thank you for the info Brandy.

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