November 18, 2017

5 Tips for Natural Ant Control

5 Tips for Natural Ant Control |

By Contributing Writer, Daniele

Several years ago, we battled ants in our home for what seemed like the entire spring and summer!  In reality, it was only maybe a month.

But year after year, whenever I spot an ant or two in our home, I quickly try to get rid of these insects before they get too comfortable.  Sharing space with them is not on my summer plans – at least not indoors.

The heavy chemicals in commercial pests controls are also not something I’d like in our home, so we’ve tried a few natural remedies with varying levels of success.

Maybe one mentioned here will work for your home!

White Vinegar

This is fast and easy and can be sprayed safely on kitchen countertops or inside of cabinets.  I also spray outdoors around patios and doors.  Spray (or pour) liberally wherever you see ants entering!

Vinegar removes the trace of their scent left behind for other ants to find.  This remedy worked very well for us; you can also use apple cider vinegar.

Baby Powder

The idea is that ants won’t cross a chalk or powder line, and will turn away.  Talcum powder is also an ant repellant.

Apply powder in a line along windowsills, outside doorways or around the base of the house.  If you’d rather not use talc, try flour.

Cloves and Garlic Cloves

These are strong in smell and ants can’t stand it!  You might not be able to either, but garlic does especially work well.

Peel and slice a few garlic cloves and place where you notice ants in the home.  Also try cloves sprinkled around the entry point of ants.

Citrus Peels

This is a new one I’m trying this summer!  From what I’ve read, lemon or orange peels work great to repel ants.  Leave a few peels outside of doorways.  Try spraying lemon juice as well in the same manner as the vinegar above.

Cayenne or Black Pepper

Ants are always looking for sugar, offer them pepper instead and watch them go!  I’ve sprinkled black pepper inside of the pantry and outside of the home.

Of course, if you have little ones or pets, consider which method is best for your situation if items are placed in visible spots.  Here’s to an ant-free home this summer!

Image by rollingroscoe

Do you have other remedies for ant control?


  1. Cinnamon! It works wonders and smells nice. I sprinkle it around our door frame and even if the boys have dripped fruit juice all over the porch they won’t go near it. They also hate turmeric, but it doesn’t smell as good as cinnamon 😉

  2. Thanks Cari! I’ll have to try both of those. This summer, seems like whole cloves are doing the trick for us. 🙂

  3. Yes to cinnamon! Also, they won’t cross vaseline. I once lined the inside edges of my cabinets with vaseline and it kept them out. Or if you can find a hole or something they’re coming in through, you can plug it with the vaseline.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I came across your website after finding a post in pinterest.

  5. Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil will get rid of black ants the best. It is a hundred times more potent that cinnamon powder or anything else for that matter. Just 1% Cinnamon Oil mixed 99% water and sprayed with a fine spray mister will do the trick. That means it lasts longer, is easy to apply, non staining on 99% of surfaces, child safe and pet friendly.

    Cinnamon oil is also safe to spray on food. So spray that ant covered cake with a fine spray mister and the ants will be gone in a few minutes. It might taste ever so slightly of Cinnamon but that is far better than throwing out your food. And not to worry Cinnamon oil is also a powerful natural disinfectant that will clean up any ant contamination.

    Of course only a good quality Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf with at least 70% Eugenol (the stuff that repels ants) is the one that is most effective and economical, because a little goes a long way.

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