November 23, 2017

42 Days to Fit: A Great Way to Start 2014!

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This giveaway comes just in time for you to plan ahead to get fit and shed those extra holiday pounds that might have crept up on you during the holidays.  If you’ve been around this blog for a while now, you probably already know what 42 Days to Fit is.

For those of you who have never heard of it, it’s basically a six-week plan to get you on the road to fitness.  It’s not a get-skinny-quick plan, but a realistic eating and exercise guide to jump-start you on your fitness journey.

42 Days to Fit was originally a series of blogposts that I wrote as I shared with you all my personal post-partum weight loss after our 8th son was born.  Blown away by readers’ interest and response, fitness instructors Emma, Stacy and I turned it into a book featuring a different eating and exercise challenge for each of the six weeks.  If 42 Days to Fit worked to help me shed the last 20 pounds of the 65 that I gained during pregnancy, it can work for anyone!!


Each week, you’ll see two challenges. One is a food challenge with (again) realistic dietary changes that focus on not only eliminating junk foods, but just as importantly, replacing those foods with healthier choices. The other challenge is an exercise plan that is custom-written by Real Fit Moms, specifically for mothers.

You’ll also see new material including:

  • weekly sample menu plans
  • printable journey guides for each week
  • running tips for beginners
  • healthy, homemade snack ideas with links to recipes

It doesn’t matter if your kids are 2 months or 20 years old, it is never too late or too early for you to get on the road to better health and a fitter you!

Here’s what one mother had to say about 42 Days to Fit:

This is not a fad diet, it’s a way to change the way you eat for good, a lifestyle change! Love that the changes are gradual, very doable, with a little commitment, and introduced in a way that helps you keep them going long after the 42 days. (They become habit) Love that you don’t have to starve or count calories or points. Love that the workouts are challenging and yield results but aren’t discouragingly difficult and super time consuming. Love that you learn how to be healthy and not just how to lose weight (For me, a super busy mom of 3, healthy is a good place to be.) Love the pace. Love Love the yummy recipes, and Love that there’s so much support along the way! :) ~Xavia

And another mom said:

I lost 12 lbs really quickly just with the cleaner eating. I felt so much better! I started to get frustrated that I didn’t lose more, but then I realized I lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks! When I continued on a bit longer, still eating well and exercising, I lost another 13lbs. It’s really a lifestyle change for the better. I’ve kept it off, even months later. Thanks so much for the motivation and great tips. I’ll be following the plan again soon to get even healthier! ~Crystal

Are you tired of procrastinating and ready to DO something to reclaim your health and fitness, and ultimately your body? No fad diet, 42 Days to Fit offers a refreshing road map to get you jump-started onto the right path, so that you can get fit…and stay fit for life!

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42 Days to Fit


  1. To lose these last 10 pounds….again

  2. i will have my baby in june and plan to loose 3 babies worth of weight with in the year!

  3. I’d like to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine this coming year.

  4. I would love to get on the path to better health and lose 50 lbs!

  5. I need to exercise and show my kids how it is done instead of just watching them on the sidelines.

  6. My goals for 2014 are eating better and meal planning.

  7. My goals are to cut back on sweets and exercise more regularly to improve my diabetes numbers.

  8. Would love to lose the last baby 10 before trying for the next little one!

  9. I’d like to lose 15 lbs and/or drop down one clothing size. I’d like to maintain a healthy eating pattern as exercise alone isn’t helping me reach my goals.

  10. Lose 10 lbs. and exercise consistently.

  11. To tighten and tone my body, eat healthier, and I could probably lose a good 5 lbs.

  12. I want to exercise and eat healthier so I feel better and tone up my stomach after 3 babies!

  13. I would love to develop consistent clean eating to complement the running/weight training I do.

  14. Elizabeth S says:

    I NEED to start running again.

  15. I want to tone up, get faster, run more half marathons, and eat better.

  16. Valerie Reeder says:

    I’d love try this!

  17. My goal is to run a half marathon in June!

  18. Sounds wonderful!

  19. I want to learn to eat cleaner, get ABS( a 2 pack, 4 pack or any pack,) and get running so that I can eventually run a half marathon.

  20. Kim Burrows says:

    I just barely started running so this next year I plan on running a 5K. I’m also planning on eating more natural foods and gaining some muscle!!

  21. I so need to get fit!

  22. Eat better and get more sleep

  23. I want to run a half-marathon! I’m up to 8 miles so I know I can do it!

  24. Shandi kennebeck says:

    I want to lose 20 pounds but also gain muscle. I mostly need to lose in my tummy. gave up soda 2 weeks ago but my biggest challenge is finding a workout that I want to do

  25. I’m a mom of 8 (ages 4 months up to 14). I really need to get in better shape but really don’t know how . A gym is not an option at this point so I could really use the help from this book.

  26. I would love to embark on a healthier lifestyle particularly where crops is concerned

  27. Doh autocorrect that should be food

  28. I need a little help

  29. My goal is the same each year: to be stronger and healthier than the year before. It’s slow and steady, but it’s progress.

  30. To train for a 15 k & get my food choices in order

  31. Jennifer Garber says:

    I want to learn to make better choices for myself (and my family) so that I can lose the last 5-8 pounds I have left. And to make exercise a priority with 4 small children in the house.

  32. I really want to do this!! Hope I win 🙂

  33. My 2014 goals are to continue exercising, get stronger and eat well!

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