November 24, 2017

10 Healthy Habits for a Happy Marriage

healthy marriage

By Contributing Writer Daniele Evans

Keeping our marriage healthy long after the I Do altar commitment is definitely a work in progress.

I don’t think we ever arrive at a place where we can fold our hands and call it done. Marriage is a living thing. Without care and nurturing, like all living things, it will suffer. As wives we have a unique and wonderful opportunity to contribute our better half to helping our husband-wife relationship thrive.

Today, I just want to share a few thoughts to encourage you in this direction.  I’m paying attention too!

Healthy Habits for Happy Marriages


1.  Surround yourself with supporters.  Friendships, mentors or those who will cheer you on and lift you up when you’re weak.  It’s invaluable to a marriage.

2.   Pray for him.  Give your guy the gift of ‘silent support’ – covering his needs, his roles as husband and/or father and provider with intentional prayer.

3.  Overlook some offenses, little things that bug you.  I’ll often find my husband’s shoes in various places of our home, wherever he’s most recently taken them off.  This used to kinda bug me, but I decided not to feed into being overly bothered.  Some things really can be overlooked!

4.  Make marriage a priority above kids and home.  I know when there’s a needy child or a fussy newborn, a home improvement project or something else grabbing for our attention, this can be hard to follow through on.  But, our man needs to know he is still priority, not waiting in line.

5.  Allow him to fail.  Every idea of his won’t be the best, but if we can offer our love even through a mistake, this will go a long way in nurturing our relationship.

6.  Allow him to change.  Our preferences, likes and dislikes, hobbies and much more will evolve over time.  Give space and room for these changes.  We’re not going to stay the same people!

7.  Support your spouse’s dreams.  Focus on listening, not being too quick to judge.

8.  Keep the fire going.  Intimacy is key, so let’s not hold off or hold back.

9.  Communicate your love.  Text, email, snail mail a card, brag on him…make sure your spouse (and others) know you appreciate and love being married!  Not sure what your husband’s “love language” is?  Check out this book about the 5 Love Languages. (affiliate link)

10.  Think small.  Small gestures or gifts that is.  Look for little things to show your husband that he’s on your mind.  Just simple, daily things you could do you know he would enjoy.

What other habits for marriage would you add in?

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  1. Great list, thanks for your insight!

  2. You’re welcome Julie!

  3. I agree with everything you said. I have been married for 22 years and worked at all of these things. I was not perfect but I worked at it. You can do all these things and your husband can still leave.

  4. Terri, if you’re speaking to your situation, I am so very sorry…so sorry.

    It’s true, we cannot control the action of others, and doing everything well and right and good in our marriages, doesn’t guarantee the other person will.

    Yet, I do believe there is blessing when we choose to do right…God will honor those who honor Him. I’ve prayed this for you…blessings upon blessings, grace upon grace for all you’ve done right….

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