November 17, 2017

10 Great Gift Ideas for Preschoolers {and a Giveaway!}

10 gift ideas preschool

It’s that time of year again when I am contemplating just what thoughtful (and delightful) gifts to get for each of our boys.

Some of these items stock the shelves in our schoolroom, while others have been lost over the years. Β And still others just went into my shopping cart at Amazon a few moments ago.

Since our boys don’t really need a bunch of new toys piled under the tree year after year, I like to buy them a few educational items that they can enjoy in our homeschooling house.

Here’s a list of 10 of my favorite activities for preschoolers. Β Many of these items could be acceptable for some toddlers and definitely Kindergarten-age participants, depending on the child.

Shape Sorters

Count and Stack Shape Sorter


Shape Sorting Cube

Shape Stackers


Pretend Play

Wooden Food



Play Cash Register


Strings and Beads

Lacing Cards


Art & Stamps



Alphabet Stamp Set

Animal Stamp Set


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What are your favorite activities for toddlers and preschoolers?


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  1. Great ideas for the little ones!

  2. Michelle B. says:

    I love pretend play for my girls. They love play doh too.

  3. I love doing hands on activities with my preschooler. He loves pretend play and does a great job of extending the story line after we read a book together!

  4. The wooden food is always a favorite for my two littlest girls.

  5. Anne Marie says:

    We dance! We dance when we count. We dance when we sing the alphabet. We dance to learn colors. We dance every chance we get.

  6. Such cute gift ideas! I love the slice food!

  7. my little one loves to color

  8. Great ideas! Thanks for posting!

  9. Super ideas to foster imagination!

  10. We love Melissa & Doug!

  11. My kids *love* to draw and use play-doh.

  12. Melissa & Doug has the greatest toys. We had that cutting fruit set and it was a favorite for a long time. My son is 4.5 now and his favorite thing is LEGO’s.

  13. I love these ideas. We love Melissa & Doug toys.

  14. The Melissa and Doug wooden food and cashier were always favorites in our house. πŸ™‚

  15. Great Ideas!

  16. We love the wooden food sets!

  17. My kids love playing with Play Doh playsets or helping me “bake” in the kitchen


  18. Playdoh, lacing cards, Kumon cutting workbooks, construction paper and glue!

  19. Play dough is one of our favorites. Puzzles are right up there, too, as a less messy alternative.

  20. MEAGAN COOPER says:

    My son loves to sing! We just dance around and sing

  21. Puzzles and a cash register were some of our favorites!

  22. Art supplies are a big hit in our house!

  23. My preschooler loves Legos.

  24. My preschooler loves games, puzzles, and crafts. My toddler loves play dough and coloring.

  25. Lisa Plunkett says:

    Thank you for these great ideas! My grandsons are 4 and 1, and I know they will enjoy some of these!

  26. I love age appropriate books! We just picked up an adorable Eric Carle book for my almost year old nephew…my only regret is he lives too far to enjoy the reading/cuddle time together.

  27. Christina A. says:

    I love the dress up clothes or play pretend clothes

  28. My preschooler loves balls and her bike. Any chance she gets she wants to play outside!

  29. My girl loves pretend play of all kinds.

  30. We have a huge box of dress up clothes, I love seeing the combinations they come up with.

  31. anything that allows for imagination — dress up, blocks, trains, anything.

  32. My son loves puzzles and pretend play!

  33. Elizabeth S says:

    I love reading to them.

  34. Play in the snow!

  35. Reading, drawing, and coloring.

  36. We always have loved to read.

  37. My little guy loves building things, so Duplo and Lincoln Logs will be under the tree!

  38. Coloring never gets old!

  39. My little boys love legos and trucks!

  40. Mary Happymommy says:

    We love singing.

  41. Pretend play, for sure!!

  42. I like drawing and coloring with preschoolers.

  43. They like to put puzzles together, lacing, cutting, pasting, shape sorters.

  44. The ONLY activity that keeps my four-year-old’s attention is painting with water colors. He loves it!

  45. We like interacting while reading (…”Mater honked his horn and flew over the hill with a big grin” gets our 2 boys yelling “HONK HONK!” and flashing some big, cheesy grins of their own. Started this to help our 3 year old comprehend WHAT we were reading to him), and hands-on stuff: especially with plants/etc. Today, for example, we glued pieces of pine branches in a triangle shape onto some paper – tahdah, a tree! They were pretty excited with that. πŸ™‚

  46. We love play doh, little toy animals and people
    Figures, and duplo Legos!

  47. Just bought two of these to stick away for birthdays! Love all the wooden toys!

  48. We love anything arts and crafts in this house. Melissa and Doug toys are always a hit.

  49. My kiddos are a fan of playdough πŸ™‚

  50. Shannon W. says:

    We love to color and bake together!

  51. Dress-up/ costume / make believe

  52. I love duplo blocks, they can do so many things and make my boys play creatively.

  53. Sarah Bass says:

    I absolutely LOVE Melissa and Doug. We have the shape sorter, animal magnets, a truck…
    We do lots of stacking and building at our house right now. I saw the stamp sets and would love to be able to get those for my little artists. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the awesome card giveaway…and the great ideas!

  54. Reading books is #1!

  55. I love the ideas!

  56. great ideas! we have a collection of Melissa & doug toys…..can u put one together for older boys as well? I have an 11, 10, and 8 year old…Thanks

  57. I love educational toys. Melissa and Doug have so many fun options.

  58. ra thompson says:

    I really like educational toys and things made in the USA…Doug and Melissa offer both…sometimes hard to find good toys for the preschoolers

  59. Definitely dress-up and any type of costumes for imaginative play

  60. Since my last three toddlers have been boys… duplos are our favorite!! Board books are next.

  61. a box of dried lentils with various cups, scoops, spoons, jars, funnels, etc. It is a bit messy, but keeps little ones occupied for a long time!

  62. Legos and our play kitchen are favorites at our house!

  63. We love Melissa and Doug toys and Do A Dot markers are definitely a favorite.

  64. Beach day!

  65. My preschooler is really into Legos and tracing letters.

  66. WE are train fanatics at our house. Our living room floor is usually transformed into a Thomas the Train oasis a couple of times a week!

  67. Books!

  68. THere are so many fun things for preschoolers! I find anything pretend play is great, shopping cart and kitchen come to mind! Dress up clothes and baby dolls to dress and play with have been big. My one daughter will do anything crafty so I’ll have to try and find some of those dots! THanks for the ideas…

  69. These are great! I’m also looking forward to when my little boy is old enough for legos and k’nex, which will be when stuff stops going into his mouth!

  70. Love imagination toys and Non messy art stuff πŸ™‚

  71. I think soapy water works well for them and then for cleaning. Use a bowl, bucket or sink.

  72. We love playing games… board games, imagination games, movement games, etc. Such a great way to learn!

  73. I like taking them to the park to play on the playground equipment

  74. Playdough, puzzles, and coloring!

  75. My preschoolers love Legos, pretend cooking, and dress up.

  76. Legos!

  77. Peg puzzles, big floor puzzles, blocks, and coloring stuff.

  78. books, bath toys, art supplies, puzzles, blocks, dolls, lacing toys, stacker/sorter, dress up clothes, etc.

  79. We love pretend cooking or real cooking πŸ™‚

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